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Apr 20, 2007 12:21 AM

Anyone heard of "Forest" smoked cheese from France?

It's pale yellow with a tan edible rind that looks washed, medium soft, quite smoky, and a bit sweet. I tried it yesterday and the cheese guy told me it's the best smoked cheese in the world. Indeed, it was pretty tasty, but I googled it in many different forms and nothing popped up. Anyone know what the deal is with this cheese?

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  1. Smoked forest cheese is from france and it is smoked mozzeralla not smoked gouda like a lot of people think. Hope this helps.

    1. The only French smoked cheese that I know of is Rambol. It's smoked Gruyere that is quite soft at room temperature.

      1. I buy this cheese from a local supermarket in my home town in Israel. I have never seen it anywhere else. I understand it is not cows' milk but it is a wonderful cheese. Why it is a "secret" I do not know and, apart from being French, I cannot find any reference to it.

        1. Could it be this cheese called "forest d'entremont?":

          It is made for export, maybe this explains why it is not called 'foret.'

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            Good idea Steve, but googling forest d'entremont gives one entry that says it is smoked over beech, but Forest is smoked over hickory. I even wrote to the French cheese center in New York. The Frenchman who runs it had never heard of Forest.

            I have a label from my last purchase but the writing (in French and English) is impossible to read.

            1. re: david_kravitz

              Forest is almost certainly the same cheese as Rambol, which is smoked over hickory. Here's a list from a specialty foods distributor that shows both names for the cheese:


              I've never known it as anything but Rambol.