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Apr 20, 2007 12:17 AM

Picnic place in Marin County?

We are taking someone to Petaluma and on the way back, I'm supposed to provide sandwiches
or equivalent - is there a place in Marin County to stop and eat - or even a deli-type place to stop
for lunch? (When he was able to drive, I guess this was his routine)


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  1. What type of sandwich?

    In Petaluma, Lombardi's makes excellent sandwiches ... good potato salad too.

    In San Rafael there is

    NY by the Bay (Jewish deli

    Bay Cafe

    Sol Foods (cuban

    Michaels Sourdough

    Le Croissant (American, despite the name

    Beli Deli (bare-bones basic sandwiches

    A.G. Ferrari in the Corte Madera Town Center (Italian

    In Strawberry Village there is the Boulangerie ... french type of sammies.

    What day of the week? Bay Cafe and Michael's aren't open weekends.

    1. I'd also like to suggest United Market in San Rafael...their sandwiches are great, and the quality of food actually makes it worth $6-8 for a sandwich! I forget which one it is, but I think it's the turkey and roasted peppers that is my husband's fave!

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        Thank you both for the suggestions. We're going tomorrow (Sat) - beats having to make lunch!

      2. Are you more interested in having a nice picnic, or having gourmet sandwiches. If picnicking in pleasant scenic surroundings is your thing, go to China Camp village. There's a little cafe there, open just on weekends, where you can get standard sandwiches and hot dogs and accompaniments. There's a lovely picnic area down by the shore where you can enjoy the scenery. And, there's a little museum showing how the Chinese shrimp fishermen worked and lived there.

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        1. re: Sharuf

          China Camp is one of the loveliest spots for a picnic that I've run across. Here's my post from last year.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I saw the signs for China Camp - we'll have to try it the next time.

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              So where did you eat and how was it? Hoping you maybe found someplace we didn't think of.

        2. Once you get the food, what used to be called Phoenix Lake Park (I think it's called Natalie Coffin Green Park now) has a lovely picnic area, with tables. It's in a forest, with a little brook running by. In San Anselmo or Ross if I remember correctly.

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          1. re: Kim Cooper

            It's still Phoenix Lake Park to most of us :-) It's at the end of Lagunitas Road in Ross, off Sir Francis Drake Blvd. The "Phoenix Lake" part of the name refers to Phoenix Lake that's on the trail that starts from the park. If you'd like some great walking, just take that trail and go as far as you like.