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Apr 20, 2007 12:15 AM

homemade pasta add-ins

Since I feel I've now got basic pasta-making licked, I'm looking to add some variety by adding flavors, but am finding good recipes (with trustworthy ingredient measurements) hard to come by, even online. Any suggestions? I'm keen to try spinach (naturally), carrot, and (especially) chile flavorings. My basic recipe (Bob's Red Mill) is 1 1/2 cups semolina, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. water, 2 tbs. olive oil-- would love sugs for addition-ingredient amounts based on that! Thanks!

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  1. beets, red pepper, sundried tomato, fresh herbs, squid ink

    1. I've been making my own pasta for years and haven't really found that any additions to the dough do much other than to add color.

      1. Lovely article in this month's (pink cover) Martha Stewart. Devoured the pasta add-in article while in Dr waiting room yesterday. Beet flavored pasta, yum. I've had success with spinach and it's beautiful. Try lemon juice/zest and cracked pepper. Perfect with scallops or shrimp scampi.

        1. Saffron, cracked pepper, herbs. I've never had much luck with spinach and have more or less given up on that. I was at a pretty fancy restaurant once where they made truffle pasta, but this was not as you would imagine. Before the last roll they put slices of truffle on the sheet then foled it over (so you had a pasta truffle sandwich) then rolled the pasta again. One it maintained flavour and two it was terribly pretty! I can't wait to try the lemon idea though, that sounds really good - maybe for th eopen lasagne of langoustine (or really big prawns) and scallops that I do with a lemon sabayon. Hmmm.

          1. Thanks all for responses, but one more question: do add-ins perhaps work better with ap or 00 than semolina flour?