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Apr 19, 2007 09:38 PM

Downtown: Best place to buy fresh FISH?

Hi All,

Am settling in to my new downtown home and was wondering where I should buy fresh fish for cooking at home?

Also, is there a place downtown that sells great HAZLENUT COFFEE by the pound?

Many thanks!

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  1. There are a number of fish markets somewhere in downtown L.A.

    Another option would be Chinatown.

    A third option would be Chinese markets in Monterey Park (15 minute drive from downtown). Hong Kong Market off of Garfield Ave/Garvey Ave has an excellent selection from live tanks. They usually have 4 or more different kinds of live fish in tanks.

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    1. re: WHills

      How about Central Market? Do they carry fish?

      Oh, and let's not forget the coffee!

      Thanks, WHills!

      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Yes. Grand Central Market's has a vendor called Maria's Fresh Seafood that sells both fresh and prepared fish.

        Other good, local options are Mitsuwa Market, Marukai and Fisherman's Outlet - all in Downtown/Little Tokyo.

    2. Get up EARLY and go to International Marine on Central. Where the sushi chefs go, Nozawa, etc.

      Good for whole fish but also get diver boat scallops, black mussels, clams etc

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          1. re: corydon

            For reference, the hours at IMP are 5AM - 11AM. Pre-placed orders can be picked up later in the day, or so the guard told me, but the show's basically over by 8AM anyways.


            Price lists for the next day's shipment are posted every day around noon

            1. re: corydon

              Guys today I went to the all 3 places mentioned in this website.
              1. Internation marine inc (downtown LA) ------ only wholesale.No retail..
              2.Pacificfreshfish market (downtown LA)....... the sorrounding area is so scary I don;t recommend to any one. run down area.... scary
              3. Fish King Glendale,Ca ---- just like ralph, albertson's and anyother local grocery shop. total nonsense...
              I hope this will help.

            2. Groundworks has excellent coffee:
              International Marine is excellent for wholesale, my top choice is always Pacific Fresh Fish:

              1. Go to Fisherman's Outlet for lunch and then go to their fresh fish counnter to select fish and shrimp (of all sizes) to make at home. Please try the shrimp cocktail because it just might be the best priced food deal in LA.

                Fisherman's Outlet Restaurant and Market (Grilled of Deep fried seafood, Shrimp Cocktail, Large salads))
                529 S Central Ave (Cross Street: Fifth Street)
                Los Angeles, CA 90013-1714
                (213) 627-7231

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                1. re: JeetJet

                  Not only will I try Fisherman's Outlet, I will take my parents there when they come to visit! Cheers!

                  1. re: Liquid Sky

                    Your parents are lucky to have you. I forgot to mention to call for the hours because they are only open for lunch.

                    1. re: Liquid Sky

                      We go to The Fisherman's Outlet every few weeks and love it. I have a menu. The hours are: Restaurant, Mon.-Sat. 10AM-3:30PM Salad Bar 8AM-5PM, Sat. 8AM-3:30PM Retail Market: 8AM-5PM, Sat. 8AM-3:30PM Closed Sundays

                      Have someone in your party get a table and sit there while you stand in line to order. Depending on the time and luck, the wait can be short or long. There could be someone ahead of you with 20 take-out orders. Everything is made fresh as you stand and wait. Big menu, very good food, reasonable prices. Their fries, cole slaw and garlic butter are worth the trip, but everything is worth the trip. The place is a trip!

                      1. re: Barbara Ladden

                        Thanks, Barbara! What is the atmosphere like? Is it crowded and hectic? Small and intimate?

                        1. re: Liquid Sky

                          Hi! There is no atmosphere. The seating area has stone tables and benches. There is a plastic I think it is covering overhead to keep out the rain and hot sun. There are 2 rooms. You stand in line to order. When it's your turn, tell the cooks what you want and pay. Wait while they prepare it. You take a tray with your food to a table. The 2nd room is where the fresh seafood is for sale... fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster tails. It's all in a glass case. Next to it is another glass case with shrimp salad, crab salad, various salads. There are soups, garlic rolls, desserts. BF usually gets giant shrimp with garlic butter and I get the fish and bay scallop combo. I think fries and cole slaw come with everything. There is cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. On the tables there is salt, pepper, hot sauce and napkins. The usual beverages plus beer and wine. We try to get there by 11AM in hopes of missing the crowds. Their free parking lot is adjacent and there is always street parking. They have a website but I don't think the menu is complete. When you get there, take a menu (it's big) and you can memorize it while you wait in line. Nothing fancy, but the food is very fresh and very good. Like I said, there's no atmosphere. It's noisy too. I hope you'll go and enjoy it. I wish I were the owner or a shareholder because the place is a goldmine.

                          1. re: Barbara Ladden

                            I love the ambiance at the outlet including all the happy noisy people that are part of it. I like this place most at the rush hour. All sorts of people from all walks of life. I swear I feel like I am at San Pedro harbor and the boats are docked nearby. I hear that the owners also own that place in San Pedro – not sure. All you need are several seagulls overhead and you are there. Check this out, once you have that fresh grilled fish and that great rice in front of you as you sit at that stone table (designed to last the ages just like the ones at the beach) with the sound of all those happy hounds around you, you no longer feel like you are on Central Ave. surrounded by refrigerated warehouses full of fish in a grubby old section of L.A. You feel happy and only good food and the right ambiance can do that for you.

                    2. re: JeetJet

                      Yup! Fisherman's Outlet, amazing turn over!


                    3. AI HOA supermarket in Chinatown.