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Apr 19, 2007 09:07 PM

LA and Anaheim report: El Parian, Jagerhaus and Orleans Cafe

I just wanted to report on these places I found through the board and that I went to during a visit to the area last week.

1. First, El Parian at 1528 W Pico Blvd near downtown LA. It was a bit tricky to get there from the highway since I had to take a few turns before actually getting to the correct street. However, once there I could see that it is a very commercial avenue so I am sure people can give out directions to it quite easily. The place is right on the avenue and has some parking space in the back alley.
About the food: this place is a Birrieria so obviously the goat Birria is the main event. Being born and raised in Guadalajara I have eaten this plate since I was a kid and El Parian’s is the best one I have tried in the US (second place is a spot I tried in Vegas last year –in the same strip mall as LOS btw-, and third a market in Escondido) and both my wife and I agreed that this would be one place where we would eat if it was in Guadalajara. The stew was well balanced and the meat tender and flavorful. We did have to ask for green limes (which are the kind you should use for this plate) instead of the yellow ones they brought us with our plates, but that was easily fixed. Unpretentious and inexpensive.

2. Jagerhaus in Anaheim at 2525 E Ball Rd just west of 57th is a German style home cooking place that made me feel like I was eating at my grandmother’s house (if she'd been German =). Nice and quiet on a Wednesday night, the owner (I’m guessing) came to our table to greet us and chat a bit with us and also gave us some tips and recommendations on our request.
We had a very good appetizer of shrimp stuffed mushrooms and then we ordered the Butterschnitzel with a side of German potato salad and the Jagerschnitzel with a side of mashed potatoes. I thought the veal tenderness and flavor of the Butterschnitzel were outstanding but my wife said she enjoyed the gravy on top of her potatoes and Jagerschnitzel even more. We had a nice german wheat beer with our meal and a very decent chocolate cake for dessert. All in all, this is a much better alternative to Disneyland dining in the area. Thanks to Das Ubergeek for this recommendation. Well worth it.

3. Having commented on Disney, we did eat lunch at the park that day. We went to the Orleans Café for lunch as we couldn’t get a reservation for the Blue Bayou (both in the New Orleans Square section by the Pirates of the Caribbean) and did enjoy their famous Montecristo sandwich very much (we had the all cheese version with a nice and not too strong Brie). We also had the onion soup and the chicken gumbo which were well done but nothing to write home about. Nice patio seating area and decent service. You also need to make a reservation if you don’t want to wait in line for lunch as well.

Again thanks to all that contributed to the board and recomended these places.

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  1. Jagerhaus is great--try them for breakfast next time you are in town--great apple pancakes and omlettes with spaetzle.

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    1. re: Funwithfood

      And very tasty corned beef hash, too. The jam they serve with toast is homemade sour cherry jam and hot damn is that good. It's all I can do to stop from eating it like a British child, neat by the spoonful.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the restaurant! There are few German places left in L.A. despite German-Americans being the largest ethnic group in the U.S.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Yes, we always get a side of the corned beef hash!

        Try their homemade plum jam on the apple pancakes--sounds odd, but it is so good. (I love the spaetzle omlette with Swiss cheese added.)

        I'm getting hungry...

        1. re: Funwithfood

          There's plum jam?? I had sour cherry that was fantastic.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Been there tons of times for breakfast, and every time it's plum jam. I think their bread looked homemade as well.

            Spaetzle omlette is my hubbie's fav, mine is the one with sauerkraut. Love their cherry pancakes too.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Ja, I think its called "Pflaumenmuss." It is incredibly delicious!

      2. Awesome Report Alberto....[el parian is my favorite restaurant in la]...could I ask where in Escondido you ate birria?

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        1. re: kare_raisu

          I'm scratching my head trying to remember. It was last May, we were looking for El Tigre and stopped in another market where they said they only had it on weekends but one of the girls sent us to another market going east down Washington Av., but I can't remember it's name. Once there, the guy told us the same thing (only on weekends) but told us we could go around the corner to a tortilleria and ask. There was a gas station in the corner then the tortilleria, and right next to it a small convenience store where they had 4 or 5 containers and in one of them a very juicy and tasty Birria. A bit thicker than the one at El Parian but a bit less flavor though.
          I'll keep thinking and will let you know if the name comes back.
          BTW: I'll try to post a quick report on SD later this week. Loved Super Cocina. Thanks!

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Better (really) late than never but as I was cleaning my home office's paperwork I found the charge note for the Birria in Escondido. It was at Tortilleria Santa Cruz at 485 N Rose St, Escondido, CA. And by the way, I was back at El Parian this summer and I thought it was even better than the last time. And I have to add that the Pan dulce at the Panaderia about a block and a half away on Pico is also the best I've had outside of Michoacan.

            1. re: David Kahn

              Jaggerhaus is open on Thanksgiving, which fits the bill for great homestyle comfort food if you don't have a group to cook with or for. How I do miss their creamed spinach, it's now like 40 miles for me . . . now I make my own mostly . . . they always have a long list of good specials in addition to the nice menu items.