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Apr 19, 2007 08:08 PM

strawberry cake? icing? help for doting parent?

Little boy wants a strawberry birthday cake. Not shortcake. Can you make a strawberry buttercake? Or maybe a plain cake with strawberry icing? Strawberry icing?? Help....

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  1. martha stewart has a great homemade recipe for strawberry frosting, check out her website.

    1. The Cake Bible has a couple of recipes for strawberry icing (a buttercream and a meringue buttercream), so I guess it's definitely possible! Unfortunately, I've never tried either (I'm a raspberry fan, myself) but if you'd like me to paraphrase either recipe, just let me know.

      ETA: You know, this might be a good time to try a 'poke cake'. They always sounded weird but strangely intriguing to me. Or not. Could be horribly gross.

      Oh, and pay no attention to me if someone who has actually successfully made cakes posts, but you might look at this for ideas (that's what I'd do, anyway):

      1. This is an easy recipe, and I have never seen anyone who did not absolutely love it...
        It is the recipe made with a white cake mix, strawberry jello, and frozen strawberries..iced with the juice of the strawberries, butter, and confectioner's sugar...If you google "strawberry cake with a cake mix" you will find the recipe...

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          Just made this for Easter and it was great!

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            I was just looking over Martha's strawberry frosting and instead of her adding freash strawberries, she uses strawbery jam, what a great idea!


          1. I've made strawberry buttercream by pureeing and straining strawberries and then reducing the juice. After making a thicker buttercream, just add juice to make it the right consistency for what you need. You could make a plain cake and then add a layer of chopped strawberries between the tiers.