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Apr 19, 2007 08:03 PM

need raspberry creme recipe

I am wanting to make lemon cupcakes filled with a raspberry cream and then topped with cream cheese type frosting.... My initial thought would be to add raspberry jelly to custard.... maybe pureed raspberries to vanilla jello..... not quite sure... Looking for something not to complicated, but still yummy.... any ideas to made the raspberry cream?

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  1. I have made a white chocolate/raspberry ganache that would fill (or frost) cupcakes well. It is quite easy to make. 12 oz. good white chocolate, 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup seedless raspberry preserves. Heat cream and raspberry preserves to a simmer and pour over chopped chocolate. Stir until mixture is smooth. Cool at room temperature for 2-3 hours (or speed it up in the fridge). If mixture is too thick or thin, can add more choc or more cream as needed.


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      You can also make a ganache with Chambord if you want a more adult taste...check out chambord's website for some really great recipes.

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        Chocolate chick,
        Do you whip your ganache after it cools (so the consistency is similar to whipped cream) or do you just cool it and use it unwhipped, meaning the ganache is less "fluffy" and of a thinner spreading consistency? I could see the white chocolate raspberry ganache being good in any form, but since I myself am quite keen on fluffy fillings/frostings I think that the whipped idea sounds out of this world. Thanks!

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          What about whipping the cream and folding melted white chocolate and raspberry preserves into it?

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            Any thoughts on how stable the whipped cream would be with all of that added liquid? While the whipped chocolate ganache that I've made tastes very similar to chocolate whipped cream, I think part of the reason for making it in the manner that the recipe advises (boil cream, melt chocolate seperately, combine the hot cream and the melted chocolate, chill for 24 hours, whip) is to create a more stable end result than you'd get if you folded melted chocolate directly into the whipped cream. Plus, I'd think that to keep the chocolate in a liquid state it would be warmer than you'd want it to be if you were dealing with whipping cream. I've never tried it though, so I definitely can't speak from experience. Thanks!

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              Something along these lines is what I've done but it's not something I do often (not a big white chocolate person), like a mousse. I wonder if using a gelatin would to make a stabilized whipped cream would help if you're not using it immediately.


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                That is what I think I am goint to do... I am going to make a small batch of simple vanilla custard using gelatin and mix in strained raspberry jelly (or layer them inside the cupcake... but due to possible concerns since they most likely will not be eaten right away and I am concerned about the milk part going bad, I am just going to use the strained raspberry jelly for the ones that I am going to bring into the office. thanks for your ideas, and I will keep them in mind for next time.

      2. If it doesn't need to keep for days, I have made a whipped cream with reaspberry syrup that was very very popular. The syrup is all natural and very intense, and makes for a beuatiful pink color. And so simple. You just add until you like the flavor/hue.