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Apr 19, 2007 07:42 PM

Sunday Lunch/Brunch in Hoboken

Hi all,

Any suggestions? Any cuisine, atmosphere where my cousin (visiting from Germany) and I can linger over good food, a drink or two, and catch up??


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  1. Sunday is supposed to be warm and beautiful, so try sitting outside at Elysian Cafe.

      1. re: nixienox

        Hi Nixienox,

        Thanks for the Elysian Cafe rec. We went around 1pm, and were told there'd be a 1/2 hour wait, which was really only 10 minutes. Once seated, we got menus right away, but had to wait about 10 more min until waiter approached us. He was polite and apologetic, though, which helped. I had the lobster salad, served on a buttered, toasted New England style roll, w/green salad instead of fries, and my cousin had the sirloin salad w/bleu cheese. Both were very good, and the gorgeous weather didn't hurt!

        Thanks again.

      2. Try Amanda's - decent brunch..... not wild about the food but very quaint.

        1. I love Antony David's -

          The atmosphere is rustic, like you're sitting in someone's country kitchen and the food is gourmet brunch at it's heartiest.

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            let's try to keep anthony david's talk to minimum, the wait is already long enough.

            1. re: shutterbabe

              Glad you enjoyed Elysian, a nice day improves the experience there. I was going to recommend Anthony David's, but reconsidered after I saw OP wanted to linger over drinks. Anthony David's is BYOB. Food is good though!