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Apr 19, 2007 07:28 PM

Village dinner w/Dallas guests

Suggestions for a "New York style" moderately-priced Greenwich Village restaurant for two well-heeled Dallas adults and three college students?

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  1. What types of cuisine are you interested in? Please elaborate on "moderately priced."

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Cuisine -- something they're not likely to get in Dallas and something that is very New York. Moderately priced -- more than student budget and less than $40 in Zagat or $$$ in a guide book.

      1. re: mindles

        I used to live in Dallas for 2 years! Oh, how I miss Mia's Tex Mex and Sonny Bryan's BBQ...
        Try Piccolo Angolo in the West Village for great Italian food and a very New York atmosphere.
        People are going to roll their eyes when I say this, but I think you all should get a cupcake (or three) at The Magnolia Bakery. I think they're fantastic.
        Check out "Good" for an awesome brunch.

      1. Dallas has some very good restaurants and some NYC replicas (including outposts of Craft, Nobu, and Sushi Samba) so I would focus on giving them an experience that they simply can't get in Big D. For one, the very best Italian food in Dallas can't hold a candle to what you get in New York. Additionally, NYC has better options for "ethnic" food that are not widely available in Dallas (for example, Dallas does not have a decent Cuban or Malaysian restaurant.) Plus, the quality of seafood and various Asian cuisines is superior where you live. I would avoid steak, Mexican (obviously), and New American. They get plenty of that!

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          Agree with adewaal...We do have some very good restaurants in Dallas, but New York is "ethnic heaven" in my mind.....And no LFeinberg, no "rolling of the eyes" here concerning your suggestion for a trip to the Magnolia Bakery, as we absolutely LOVE the cupcakes!

          1. re: jinet12

            Thanks. Piccolo Angelo sounds perfect; I'll run it by them. Any thoughts on Spotted Pig? Too much of a crowd? And Magnolia is a great suggestion.

            1. re: mindles

              Be aware that Dallas just got a Sprinkles cupcakes so they have access to a "name brand" cupcake place. However, I have never had a Mangnolia cupcake so they may be a whole different ballgame. (And, I guess you can never have too many cucpakes.) They may appreciate other NYC baked goods like a good bagel, a black and white cookie, or a cannoli.

              1. re: adewaal

                We do like Sprinkles, but Magnolia's is the household favorite, still....And yes, we very much appreciated a good bagel, black and white, and cannoli, as they are completely absent from our cuisine here.....

                1. re: mindles

                  I haven't been recently but I'd probably skip spotted pig in favor of other Batali spots, Lupa in particular. Also, I know Dallas had it's share of tapas places, but they didn't seem to be in the same level as some of the NYC places, IMHO at least. But I think anything ethnic would be great (Turkish, Moroccan, etc)... I still can't get enough, and can't believe I lived without those cuisines for so long!

            2. Hi. I live in Dallas but spend at least a few days in New York every month for work. I recommend three spots that have not only great food but a good New York vibe:

              1. H&H for the kind of bagels that were available in Dallas only at Gilbert's Deli (R.I.P.).
              2. Arturo's Pizzeria.
              3. Balthazar --- particularly for breakfast.



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              1. re: Carla Burke

                Actually H & H bagels are flown into Deli News restaurant daily...(Campbell and Preston)..They also serve Junior's Cheesecake