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Apr 19, 2007 07:20 PM

Korean Food - anyone know what dokpoki is?

I used to live in Seoul and one of my all time favorites is dokpoki.
Can you get this dish at any of the Korean restaurants in the Los Angeles area?

It's such a common street food in Korea, but you don't see it at restaurants...

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  1. Are you referring to Dduk bokee /Ddeokbokee (Rice cake in hot sauce)? If so, I get it sometimes at Cham Cham Cham in the Koreatown Galleria food court (top floor), and here's a link to a thread with other suggestions:

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      YES! Thanks. I'll be headin to Cham Cham Cham or Maru first chance I get!

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        Are these the cylinder rice cakes that's about 3-4 inches long, covered with a red sauce that's more sweet than spicy, along with pieces of fish cakes?

        Never know what it's called, but DB Market World's hot food department also has them. I love that stuff!

      2. I believe you can get a plate of it at your typical Korean cafes/bars in Koreatown like Bohemian in the Chapman Plaza at 6th and Kenmore. Of course, those places get smokey and boozy late at nights, which is fine but you should just be aware.

        1. You can find dduk bo ki at most cafes in ktown

          I was driving through Ktown the other day and noticed a restaurant specializing in dduk bo ki : it's on the southwest corner of Western and 3rd called Sin Dan Dong Rice Cake. Not sure how great it is, but I thought I'd pass on the info :)

          1. the prince on catalina and 7th has it. as do the 2 greasy-spoon type places on the SW corner of olympic and vermont.