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Apr 19, 2007 07:09 PM

Kabobs Minneapolis

Hey, Has anyone been to the new Kabobs Restaurant in Bloomington? Dara, the City Pages food writer, gave it such a rave review this week and I'm itching to and get some Hyderabad-inspired food, but want to know about other chowhounders' opinion about the place. Thanks!

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  1. I saw that review today and was pretty shocked. I think I reported about it in our March end update but we went to Kabobs about 3 weeks ago and were incredibly disappointed. They were out of the first 3 things we picked. We ended up with 1 type of kabob and chicken tikka masala. The kebob was cold and dry and the tikka masala was okay yet greasy. The naan was fluffier and softer than most places, which was a plus in my book. We also had the goat biryani and it was nothing special, and had random bones in it which was really frustrating. It's also definitely a takeout place. We would have sat there but it was freezing cold inside.

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      Hi katebauer, Thanks for posting about your experience. It sounds like the food is very varied in quality and temperature! Or maybe Dara caught them on a really, really, really good day. I'll have to drop by sometime - maybe not as soon as I was planning to - just to give them more time (if that's what it takes) to iron out their kitchen idiosyncrasies. DK

    2. we just tried it, and it was pretty good. I wouldn't say it's the BEST I've ever had, but I would go back. Katebauer is right, the naan was pretty nice. My husband had a spicy beef kebab and I had the ground chicken kebab. the beef was spicy enough to give me the hiccups, and the chicken was flavorfully spiced and fairly mild. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't come with any rice. The portions are quite big and enough for 2 meals. It does have the atmosphere of a takeout place for sure. On another note, while we waited for our kebabs we tried a taco at the Mexican place a few doors down. Very nice steak tacos, my favorite I've had so far in the Twin Cities.

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        Were your kebabs cold? We can't figure out what happened. We waited 20 minutes while they prepared the food so we were surprised that they were cold.

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          no, ours were warm. the woman told us it would take 20 minutes because each kebab order is prepared fresh. I'm surprised yours were cold as well.

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          Hi, Thanks for the report on the spiciness of the food and the good naan. Do you think they need time to get their act together? I am definitely going to check it out and report back here. DK

        3. I went with the Countess of Sandwich and our chowpup last week, so I was amused to see the Dara review this Wednesday. Ahead of the Pages curve again! We live a couple of miles up Portland, so its a real convenient trip for us.

          I must say that I am happy about the chow options in this strip mall! I love the Morelos outlet two doors down from Kabob. The Morelos Mex-Grill locations in at the Hub in Richfield and off of Eat Street are restaurants, but this location is a taqueria along the lines of La Pineda. You order at the counter and can see all the little trays of ingredients to pick from. The other Indian bookend for Morelos is India Cafe, and thats where the Sandwich family was headed , only to find that we were too early for their 5:30 suppertime opening. So, we went into Kabobs instead.

          It certainly is a lousy place to dine in. I mean, I enjoy hole-in-the-wall places as much as any 'hound as long as the chow is good, but this place is downright uncomfortable.
          The layout (such as it was) felt awkward as we ordered while looking over the handwritten menu posters on the wall, and the lady came up front to help us select, but I could get over this.
          I think that the food holds promise, though, and I am happy to read that this is the beta-test stage for a "real" restaurant.

          I had the Chicken 65, which Dara raved. I, too, thought that it was unique and addictive. Our naan was hot and just right. We avoided the biryani due to the reports here that it was dry, but Dara dug it. Hmmmm. I will probably give it a go in the future, and also try an eponymous kabob.

          We also went across Portland to the Patel Bros grocery. They have a large case of indian sweets in back, from which we sampled, and its a nearby source for imported Indian microwave meals-in-a-pouch that I enjoy taking to work for lunch.


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            Thanks. Sounds like there are other promising options if Kabobs is having an off day! DK

          2. I've been going since, really, the day they opened. It's near where I work and I'm always in quest of good lunch spots. The first time I went, with some work mates, everything was great. Moist, hot, spicy, flavorful.

            A few weeks later it seemed that the death spiral had begun. My vegetable khorma was ok, but the other peoples' food was cold, stringy, chewy.

            Maybe they figured it out and are spiraling up again. I hope so. I'll go back soon, if only to encourage them.

            But for my money, India Cafe in the same strip is better. Different, though. Their specialty is dossa, and I do mean dossa. A couple of dozen varieties to choose from, including some of their own invention.

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              Point noted, Loren3. I'll keep my fingers crossed when I get there and will definitely have a look at India Cafe. Good Indian food is just this side of blissful. DK

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                Shhhhh! Don't let our secret out... hopefully the hoardes will blindly follow Dara, while the real quality Indian food is served a few doors down.

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                  We went to India Cafe Friday night and will definitely be back for more!

                  I had a delicious Mysore Masala Dosa (great dosa, great filling) and the countess had Pongal, which was a delicately spiced (as in sweet cinnamon type spices) rice dish.

                  My only problem was that I burned the HELL out of my mouth taking a big spoonful of the tomato soup that we ordered for the two-year-old. It was stupid of me to take a big gulp right away without checking the temperature. At least I took the bullet for her, because she would have been screaming. It was delicious, though, when it cooled down. A bit of spice to it, but the 'pup ate quite a bit. The menu also has a kiddy dosa, which I thought was neat, and we will try that next time for her.

                  I think it's great that there are two Indian places a couple doors down from each other that have quite different selections. India Cafe is all vegetarian and concentrates on the dosas and uthappams, while if you are hankerin' for some meat, Kabobs is your choice.

                  Unless they are driving in from further afield, there must be a sizable population of South Asians living in Richfield and east Bloomington. We went to the Indian grocery store a couple doors down from India Cafe and it was very busy (7PM Friday). I wasn't sure if it would be like that evey night or just Friday nights, or if that was the eve of a special holiday or something.

                  The leftover sambar, coconut chutney, and soup were nice with our Trader Joe's samosas last night!


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                    The coconut chutney from India Cafe is soooo good! I had some left over from a recent lunch (a dosa with potatoes and onions - yum!), and I ate it with a spoon as an afternoon snack.

                    I think it would make a dynamite sorbet - I wonder if they would sell me a pint to experiment with?


                2. After driving all over Bloomington/Richfield area to find a bite to eat and had remembered what we had read about Kabobs in City Pages like a day prior, so we tried it. Wow was it good!! I feel as if I overate and still had leftovers.. (just ate some of it for lunch..still have more!) We ordered from the vegetarian menu.. had the Vegetable Biryani, for $5.99 they sure give you alot of food, it was presented quite nicely too.. with tomato slices, and other veggies. We also ordered (forget the name now) a dish that was vegetables in tomato sauce, it was pretty good too, both were really hot and fresh! Then we also ordered two things of Naan thinking they'd each by 1/4 of what they really were. For $1.25 I bet you could make a pizza with it better than that Boboli(sp?) stuff. Anyways, if you can get past the four tables & enjoy the flavors it's awesome! ! ! ! Very good. I noticed it was pretty busy with takeout orders. I plan on eating there & taking out again in the future!!

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                    I had the chicken 65 last night,and it was getting busy with take out orders.The owner asked me about naan,and said I should have it with my order.I waited while they made it,and the above poster is dead on-its huge and delicious.The Chicken 65 was ALL chicken,spiiicy and darn good!I had the leftovers this morning.I'll have to explore some of the other eateries in this strip mall.

                    Can't wait to try more of Kabobs stuff.

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                      I was at Kabob's too last night, it was busy. We did get the Chicken 65, Chicken Biryani and the samosas. They do serve a lot of food at a very reasonable price. I dont mind waiting for the food as long as what I am getting is delicious it is worth all the wait. Some of the other customers near me ordered lamb kabobs, the dish looked delicious. Maybe I'll try it next time when I go there.
                      I too plan on eating there in the future.