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Apr 19, 2007 06:28 PM

Kosher Subway in Cedarhurst

Big sign in the window of the old TCBY saying Subway is coming soon.

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    1. re: LoveKosherEats

      Oh I hope so! I had to go to a shiva call this evening in Brooklyn. I again went to the Subways on Ave J. I don't know what it is but a foot long double stacked turkey hero with all those vegtables somehow doesn't seem so fattening compared with the other local offerings.

      1. re: LoveKosherEats

        The big question remains - fake cheese (as opposed to no fake cheese, not as opposed to real cheese)?

      2. I thought that it was supposed to be Burger Bar? I am confused, are we talking about Burger Bar AND Subways opening or did they change their mind and open a Subways instead of the Burger Bar. I will drive by tomorrow to see. Between the two I hope it will be a Subways.

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        1. re: MartyB

          Burgers Bar is opening up in the old Manhattan Steakhouse (Treif). Looks like they are almost done with the inside (I peeked in). The KOSHER Subway will be right next door in the old TCBY. So it is kosher and burgers bar will be there to answer all questions.

        2. WOW, two new kosher eateries next to one another openning at the same time. This makes on one block Sabra Pizza, Davids Pizza, Bagel Delight, Ruthie's, King David, Wok Tov, and now Burger Bar and Subways. Within 30 seconds from this one block brings you Off the Grill, Central Perks, Shula Pizza, and Sushi Metsuyan. I'm in Chow heaven!

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          1. re: MartyB

            You forgot about Mom's Pastries right on the corner with Central Perk across the street.

            1. re: JS69

              You're right as well as Shlomies Bakery.

              1. re: MartyB

                Woops, my daughter told me to add Elicious Ice Cream, this place probably caused the failure of TCBY and hence Subways!

                1. re: MartyB

                  I think that Cedarhurst is ready for a Stone Cold Creamery store. The demographics are good. There are enough people, who eat chalav stam (not chalav yisroel) that it could be supported, provided that it was under the Vaad of the Five Towns.

                  1. re: jeterfan

                    What we need is Rita's Ice. I tasted their stuff in Oceanside and its amazing.
                    there is a franchise oppurtunity in cedarhurst.

          2. I just hope the five towns can support 2 more eateries. If you drive down central ave on an average night , all the eateries look empty to me - King David, Yossi's , Dougie's etc. Do we really need two more ? Can we as a comuunity support two more ?

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            1. re: whitefishcharlie

              Within a 60 sec walk from each other are THREE(!) pizza stores, imagine that! They seem to be doing well. These two new stores reflect a variety, we shall see who survives. From my point of view Dougies can go as well as one of those pizza stores. I am really pulling for Subways since I want the majors to come into the kosher market. I wouldn't mind a more tradional dairy place, like "A Garden of Eat In" from Ave J. I miss Dairy Review.

              1. re: MartyB

                It all comes down to survival of the fittest. Maybe King David or Yossi's has to go out. As much as I dislike dougies, they are still one of the only places to deliver. That is something that Cedarhurst needs as well. As someone that works here and watch all my treif eating co workers put a call in and get their food delivered in 10 minutes, it is depressing to know that we have to go out everytime if we want to get food. These stores have been around for a while so I am guessing they are getting enough business for now. Will it continue?? Time will tell.

                1. re: JS69

                  I agree with my dear friend JS. Yossi's will no longer be a 'fast food' commodity once Burger's Bar and Subway open. In fact, I don't even see anyone inside Yossi's beside for a few Yeshiva guys. As far as Dougie's goes, it's nice that they deliver, but I think Dougie's is really overrated.

                  Does anyone know how the new place on Rockaway tpk (formerly 5 Towns Deli) is doing? Last time I was there I was disappointed. Have they cleaned up their act?

                  1. re: brunodavid

                    Alot depends if they are opened late. I go many times to Yossi's because all other places are closed. (I also like their all white snack box). At 9-9:30 everything in the 5 towns begins to shut down. In Brooklyn,, no such problems.

                    1. re: MartyB

                      I have no doubt that the Five Towns can support more kosher restaurants if they can solve the parking problems. Between the yeshiva and day school students, the residents, and from out of the area shoppers, there are plenty of potential customers. The question is, however, where are they all going to park?

                      1. re: jeterfan

                        That is one of the things I like about Yossi's Grill, great location from a parking point of view. One can usually drive right up to them and park in front of the store. As to the stretch of Central between Cedarhurst and Maple, one can park, usually without problems on the lot between Willow and Chestnut, problem is people are lazy and want to park right in front.

                        Compared to what I got to go through if I want to go to, say, Prime Grill - circling block after block to try to find a spot. What about what goes on in Brooklyn on Ave J or Coney Island Ave or 13th Ave - Gevald! I'll take the 5 Towns parking situation any day!

                        1. re: MartyB

                          Thats why we like Dougies. There is always parking in the lot across the street and it doesn't take as long for your food as it does at Yossi's.

                          1. re: whitefishcharlie

                            The difference is that Dougies "thinks" it is a restaurat and charges like one with waiter service. Yossi's is more like a fast food take out, cheaper with no waiter to tip.

                            K-roasters started out like that, ordered your food then sat down and ate, then they went the waiter route - took forever after that.

                            1. re: MartyB

                              I find that Roasters in Cedarhurst has food that tastes very cafeteria like.
                              For example, I ate roasted potatoes at their buffet.The potatoes tasted like the tin can that they came from.

            2. the question is:
              1) will they have fake cheese?
              2) will they have jewish chips (brooklyn subway) or lays (cleveland subway)?
              3) will the beef fry be fried? (the brooklyn subway doesn't fry it and its really gross)
              4) what kind of salami will they have? (the subway in cleveland has all different types of salami: genoa, pepperoni, italian, etc. the brooklyn has just plain salami)
              5) will they have more than 2 types of bread?

              these are the questions that i am pondering. i work down the street, and i am really hoping that it is more like the cleveland subway

              P.S. i saw a sign in LA that they are also getting a kosher subway on Pico

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              1. re: kiddush hopper

                If Subway wants to do well, they should ask the various day schools and yeshivas if they would sell Subway in their schools once a week. I worked in a public school and they brought in the regular subway heros (premade) once a week and they were a big hit.

                The reason I mention this is that Subway will have huge competition from all of the other multitude of places on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst. It could easily beome a fad that could die out if they do not market their product well. There are many restaurants (Jacob's Ladder,Cedar Club, Batsheva's, to name a few) that did not make it on Central Avenue. There were fewer customers, but there was less competition.

                1. re: jeterfan

                  I think they should do well from the HAFTR crowd for lunch. It is two blocks away and the Subway offering is a natural for the high school crowd. Between Subway and Burger Bar they should take a decent chunk away from the pizza and bagel store from the lunchtime crowd. Although, now that I think about it, those two locations are real small so that could limit the lunchtime business.

                  Funny, I just went out with the Mrs tonight to Sushi Metsuyan for dinner. I couldn't help but overhear the people at the next table talking about the opening of Subway. One person said to another "it will be a big hit with the kids"

                  1. re: MartyB

           can't really compare Subway and Burges Bar to Cedar Club and Jacob's Ladder (wasn't that 15 years ago???) The area has changed and those are 2 totally diff't types of establishments. I just don't see anyone really giving competition to subway and burgers bar right now.

                    1. re: JS69

                      I am not really comparing these new places to restaurant offerings in the past. The establishments that I named were novelties when they opened. Jacob's Ladder was the first glatt kosher restaurant in the Five Towns. The Cedar Club was pretty much the only fancy restaurant in the Five Towns when it was open. My point is that if these places have good service, they will do well. If they rely on name recognition alone (without good service), they will be a novelty and people will not continue to patronize them. I hope that they will be successful.