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Apr 19, 2007 06:04 PM

easy dinner after a looong touring day - ecole militaire/les invalides area

Can anyone suggest an easy, relaxed atmosphere bistro/brassarie type restaurant in Paris that we can walk to from our hotel after an exhausting day of touring...somewhere where we have a bit of choice (not stuck eating a full 3 courses necessarily) and can just sort of chill after running around all day..prefer non-pretentious, tasty, homey style cooking rather than true fine dining (though we will make time for this as well!) We leave at the end of May...

many thanks!

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  1. You may want to consider Pasco, on 74, Blvd. Latour-Maubourg, with a fab view over the Invalides at night. Mediterranean cuisine. Closed Mon.

    Another one (more traditional), Le Maupertu on 94, Blvd. Latour-Maubourg. Closed Sun.

    With some luck, you can profit from the outside terrace at both places.

    1. you didn't say where your hotel is located, so it's hard to make a recommendation.

      If you're in the 5th, I'd suggest Les Fontaines on rue Soufflot between Blvd St. Germain and rue St. Jacques.

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        I read the required location (hotel or not) in the title... ;o)

      2. The last time we stayed in this area Cafe Constant, 139 rue St. Dominique, became our "hangout" spot. Informal, reasonably priced with good food and no pressure to order a full meal. Could be a good fit. Reservations not taken so go early or late; the place is quite popular with locals.

        1. "prefer non-pretentious, tasty, homey style cooking rather than true fine dining"...
          In the 7th, this perfectly describes Ginette Boyer's "Au Petit Tonneau" open every day lunch and dinner at 20 rue Surcouf.

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            I'm making my list...thanks so much for the help so far. Can't wait to start eating!