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Sprinkles cupcakes

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We were in town last weekend and went to BH to try these due to all the hype. Um, they were eh. Certainly not worth the price and totally average in my book. Am I missing something?

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  1. No you are not missing anything. I went there twice. The second time my stomach felt bloated and it just didn't have enough taste for me to go back again. They have great packaging, the store looks hip and all that, but like most people and things in l.a. there is not much going on beneath the surface.

    1. They are some of the worst cupcakes I've ever had, including made from boxed mix.

      Save yourself a dollar and go to Buttercake on Pico and Manning (near Prosser)

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        Yes, another one of those "I have no idea what the fuss is all about."
        Fortunately, I didn't pay for them but one of our clients was nice enough to bring in a dozen (it was her first try to) - I took 2 bites and walked away. I am no cupcake expert and never had cravings for them even when I was young, but I don't understand why they are (I guess they still are, huh?) popular. A friend of mine in NB also said that there's a line at the NB location...I would definitely get something else for that price.

      2. i used to be a sprinkles hater until i tried new york's magnola cardboard cupcakes. (the store that started the cupcake rage).

        i went back to sprinkles after i had returned from new york and fell in love with the cupcakes. the frosting is a bit much, but i like the cupcake with about half of it.

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          That's so sad to hear about Magnolia.

          Their recipe for vanilla cupcakes is stellar. It's a butter bomb, but a friend and I discovered it last year and between the two of us must have made ten batches within a few months' time. All our friends were crazed. The two of us finally got bored with it.

          The cupcakes, when made right, are the fluffiest and lightest I've been able to make in my home kitchen. They come out of the oven perfectly round on top and stay that way after cooling.

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            Pei, do you still have a copy of that recipe? A couple of years back my mom found a recipe that claimed to be Magnolia and made it for my birthday. I was dying to eat them b/c I used to live off Magnolia cupcakes when I lived in NY and was in serious withdrawal, but they were indelibly awful. Then for my next b-day a friend of mine found another recipe also claiming to be Magnolia's and once again, just terrible. My mom is a professional chef and my friend takes baking very seriously, so don't think it was an issue of preparation. If you have a copy of the real Magnolia recipe I would love to see it!

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              I used the recipe linked on the blog 52 cupcakes. I have no idea if it's put out by Magnolia themselves or what, just that it's very fluffy and quite sweet.


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                Thanks! I'll have to try it soon!

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                  Previously, I'd gotten the same exact recipe from foodtv.com - search for Magnolia bakery cupcakes. I love the way they turn out, plop nicely into the muffin tin liners. I don't like the icing so I use Ina Garten's cream cheese ising with shredded coconut. I use 1 cup less conf. sugar than her recipe calls for. I forgot I was going to add coconut to cupcake batter, too. I always have too much leftover ising so will try a half recipe next time (of the icing.) I was very proud of myself for not eating one of the 24 I made and gave away; everyone loved them.

        2. They are some of the best looking cupcakes, but I think they are overly sweet, and maybe a little light on salt.

          1. The first time I tried Sprinkles, I thought the cupcakes were average, at best. But then I went back and I am officially addicted. I adore the frosting (very sweet) coupled with the dense cake. I think it's more a matter of taste-for me, they are heaven. But I know a lot of people think they are overly sweet or too dense.

            1. try yummy cupcakes in burbank. they are so delicious. i have used them in place of a b-day cake many many times.

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                I tried the yummy cupcakes in Santa Monica, (specifically the fudge yummy) and while I found the frosting divine, the cake itself lacked flavor. It had a great texture, but I just couldn't taste the chocolate in the cake.

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                  Is that cupcake store in the food court of the mall at the end of 3rd Street Promenade?

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                    Yummy Cupcakes is next to Sur La Table. The one in the Food Court is called Le Cupcake and I actually like their chocolate cupcakes.

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                    You know what, it seems like taste in cupcakes is very, very personal...perhaps more so than other desserts. Despite raves, I did not care for SLJ, Violets or Yummy Cupcakes...I DID find that Sprinkles was pretty darn good...Joans on 3rd initially held my #1 fave spot...but I come back to the coconut or red velvet at Auntie Ems as my favorite. HOWEVER, in a group of 4 or 5 friends, nobody will share an opinion on cupcakes. I like my REALLY dense...others prefer light and fluffy. And good cream cheese frosting or ganache can make me forget about the actual cupcake. Fortunately for us, the cupcake "fad" hasn't really died off!

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                      i guess it was a fad but not necessarily one that will die out. women loves cupcakes because it is an excuse for us to eat cake on the go. not so easy with a slice... cupcakes also have the semblance of less guilt than a slice of cake, too. hehe.

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                        ...and they're pre-portioned/portion controlled...

                        1. re: Emme

                          Yeeeahhh...but if you eat three.......

                2. I went to the one in Newport Beach and couldn't figure out what the big deal was about these dry, tasteless, and not yummy at all cupcakes. Decorated very cute...but the taste...grocery stores have better cupcakes than these. Am I missing something as well?

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                    Like Running Pig points out - one's taste in cupcakes can be subjective. If you are still trying to find the ultimate cupcake, I'd try a few other places as well. Dainties and Butter Cake are the first that come to mind...

                  2. It's not popular to like Sprinkles cupcakes...but I do! (NB store).

                    I usually buy several flavors, cut them in quarters and enjoy them with family or friends. Not sure I'd want to eat all of one flavor--they are very filling. Their "black & white", "red velvet", and "egg nog" flavors are very, very good!

                    Has anyone tried the orange?

                    1. Someone gave me a box of these things as a gift and told me they were the best cupcakes they'd ever eaten. I took one bite and threw them in the trash. Hostess makes better cupcakes than this and they don't turn your mouth red with dye.

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                      1. re: marcellino

                        Well...I do look back fondly on Hostess cupcakes...though if I remember correctly, I used to peel off the icing and eat it, throwing the cupcake itself away :-)

                        My mom loves brownies that are pretty much small, rectangular cakes, I like brownies that are pretty much big pieces of fudge. 2 ends of the spectrum. I wouldn't waste calories on her idea of a brownie. I think the diversity of opinions hold true for cupcakes.

                      2. Wow - I guess I'm not so jaded. I have had Sprinkles cupcakes several times (though never on my dime), and found them to be just fine. In my opinion, they are not the best cupcakes in the history of the world, but they do taste exactly what a cupcake should taste like– a smaller version of a moist cake. No complaints here! however... had I stood in line for 2 hours, I might be a tad more critical.

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                        1. re: goodegg333

                          My Little Cupcake on Ventura (near Sunshine Terrace) in Studio City has this triple chocolate cupcake with choc shavings on top that brought tears to my eyes. Jeeeeezus it is the best cupcake I have ever had.

                          1. re: chowesq

                            Thanks for the tip- I drive by that place at least weekly. I have hesitated to go in because it looks like a kids party store. I never took it seriously...now I will! Thanks again.

                            1. re: chowesq

                              Good to hear a review on this place. I walked in and after eyeing what I thought were pretty sad and pathetic cupcakes (i.e. very small and sunken in looking) I turned around and walked out. The cakes also didn't look like they were worthy of the price which I think was $2.25.

                          2. My son's girlfriend lives right near the Newport/Corona del Mar location and brought a box of assorted Sprinkles to a birthday bash we threw for my wife in a private suite for a Ducks game at Honda Center. I was glad to not have to pay the food service prices for dessert (Aramark has a captive trade there) but the cupcakes were really not that special. Very sweet and unremarkable. Not sure at all what the hype is about either. Then again, I'm really a St. Honore or Black Forest Cake kinda dessert guy.

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                              Perhaps we received a bad batch of 12 cupcakes as our gift. They tasted burned and were extremely dry.

                            2. I also think they are too sweet and over priced. I don't understand what the hype is all about.

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                              1. re: Daisy K

                                Sprinkles-- eh, what's all the fuss about? I tried Leda's and it was better but too much frosting for me. Last weekend at the "taste of the nation" in Culver City I had the opportunity to try some mini-cupcakes from a place that is opening soon in Culver City, called Akasha. Their cupcakes were heaven. Small, frosted just right and so delicious. No, this isn't an ad, just a real fan. Apparently she has been catering for a number of years and decided to open a restaurant. I'll definitely be checking it out! http://www.chefakasha.com/

                                On the other hand was Bluebird Bakery. Their HUGE multi colored cupcakes didn't even tempt me. They were unwieldy and pastel colors. Just didn't look 'right' if you know what I mean!

                              2. the first time i tried sprinkles was in the BH store and i had the peanut butter chocolate. it was HEAVENLY. i couldn't even eat the entire thing because it was so rich and moist.
                                i've been to magnolia bakery, sugar sweet sunshine, buttercup, etc all in NYC. thought sprinkles blew them away...

                                then i went to sprinkles in newport and wasn't nearly as impressed. i think we tried the lemon, carro,t and red velvet. all were just OKAY. i can definitely make better cupcakes at home.

                                part of the great thing about sprinkles is the architecture of the store, decor, and packaging. its modern and hip. but best cupcake ever? i think take the time to make some on your own with a good recipe and you'd do much better!

                                1. Sprinkles are ok, but have you tried Susie Cakes? I love their cupcakes (especially the Red Velvet), they even put some frosting in the middle of the cupcake.

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                                    I'm a big fan of Mrs. Beasleys cupcakes. So much frosting, especially the peanut butter chocolate one! SO SO SO GOOD

                                    1. re: huskyla27

                                      Just returned to NY from a wedding in Malibu, where instead of a cake, they had a tower of Sprinkles cupcakes. Red velvet wasn't bad- tried a few others as well. Thought they weren't bad-a bit sweet. Is this the place that Bobby Flay challenged to a "Throwdown"? Next time I'm in LA-will consult this board first for some other options. What's with the Pinkberry thing? Some other NY friends at the wedding tried some and they were of the "what's the big deal?" opinion. Is this the land of the food fad? Not that NY'ers are the least not guilty of the same phenomenon.

                                      1. re: markabauman

                                        oh you're thinking of Auntie Em's Cupcakes Re: Bobby Flay Throwdown. i think those cupcakes are way better than Sprinkles. Sprinkles is overly sugary. Whenever we have them in the office for someones birthday, a few of us comment how we feel like we just ate crack.

                                    2. re: chris1621

                                      I'm one of the few who like Sprinkles (BH), but Susie Cakes are just like the cupcakes you had when you were a kid. Frosting is sweet but not super dense, more fluffy. The only thing Sprinkles has over Susie Cakes is that it's on my way home so it's more convenient, but I do make Susie runs if I'm in the Brentwood/Santa Monica area (which isn't often, but now that I think about it, maybe that's a good thing)

                                    3. I love the Sprinkles cupcake as well as the Auntie Em's Red Velvet. The Sprinkles cupcake is the only white cake I've ever liked. Dense, moist, delicious. Yes, the frosting is sweet, but not in that grocery store fashion. I did only try a white with chocolate frosting, and on other occasions have had the red velvet and the peanut butter. All delish.

                                      1. I never got the whole "cupcake" thing. And as far as I've ever observed it might as well have been called a "frosting" thing because what cake there is is always completely overwhelmed by amounts of buttercream or whatever that no sane person would ever spoil a genuine cake with.