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Apr 19, 2007 05:39 PM

Sprinkles cupcakes

We were in town last weekend and went to BH to try these due to all the hype. Um, they were eh. Certainly not worth the price and totally average in my book. Am I missing something?

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  1. No you are not missing anything. I went there twice. The second time my stomach felt bloated and it just didn't have enough taste for me to go back again. They have great packaging, the store looks hip and all that, but like most people and things in l.a. there is not much going on beneath the surface.

    1. They are some of the worst cupcakes I've ever had, including made from boxed mix.

      Save yourself a dollar and go to Buttercake on Pico and Manning (near Prosser)

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        Yes, another one of those "I have no idea what the fuss is all about."
        Fortunately, I didn't pay for them but one of our clients was nice enough to bring in a dozen (it was her first try to) - I took 2 bites and walked away. I am no cupcake expert and never had cravings for them even when I was young, but I don't understand why they are (I guess they still are, huh?) popular. A friend of mine in NB also said that there's a line at the NB location...I would definitely get something else for that price.

      2. i used to be a sprinkles hater until i tried new york's magnola cardboard cupcakes. (the store that started the cupcake rage).

        i went back to sprinkles after i had returned from new york and fell in love with the cupcakes. the frosting is a bit much, but i like the cupcake with about half of it.

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          That's so sad to hear about Magnolia.

          Their recipe for vanilla cupcakes is stellar. It's a butter bomb, but a friend and I discovered it last year and between the two of us must have made ten batches within a few months' time. All our friends were crazed. The two of us finally got bored with it.

          The cupcakes, when made right, are the fluffiest and lightest I've been able to make in my home kitchen. They come out of the oven perfectly round on top and stay that way after cooling.

          1. re: Pei

            Pei, do you still have a copy of that recipe? A couple of years back my mom found a recipe that claimed to be Magnolia and made it for my birthday. I was dying to eat them b/c I used to live off Magnolia cupcakes when I lived in NY and was in serious withdrawal, but they were indelibly awful. Then for my next b-day a friend of mine found another recipe also claiming to be Magnolia's and once again, just terrible. My mom is a professional chef and my friend takes baking very seriously, so don't think it was an issue of preparation. If you have a copy of the real Magnolia recipe I would love to see it!

            1. re: Newkie

              I used the recipe linked on the blog 52 cupcakes. I have no idea if it's put out by Magnolia themselves or what, just that it's very fluffy and quite sweet.


              1. re: Pei

                Thanks! I'll have to try it soon!

                1. re: Newkie

                  Previously, I'd gotten the same exact recipe from - search for Magnolia bakery cupcakes. I love the way they turn out, plop nicely into the muffin tin liners. I don't like the icing so I use Ina Garten's cream cheese ising with shredded coconut. I use 1 cup less conf. sugar than her recipe calls for. I forgot I was going to add coconut to cupcake batter, too. I always have too much leftover ising so will try a half recipe next time (of the icing.) I was very proud of myself for not eating one of the 24 I made and gave away; everyone loved them.

        2. They are some of the best looking cupcakes, but I think they are overly sweet, and maybe a little light on salt.

          1. The first time I tried Sprinkles, I thought the cupcakes were average, at best. But then I went back and I am officially addicted. I adore the frosting (very sweet) coupled with the dense cake. I think it's more a matter of taste-for me, they are heaven. But I know a lot of people think they are overly sweet or too dense.