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Apr 19, 2007 05:37 PM

graduation restaurant

would appreciate some suggestions for a restaurant with special ambiance but also great food at not outrageous prices--for a small graduation party. two different neighborhoods could work: upper west side and/or west village

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  1. People's opinions on the meaning of "not outrageous prices" can differ substantially, but I'll take a stab and recommend Compass, on 70th St., b/t Amsterdam & West End Avs. Delicious New American cuisine. Large space with very attractive contemporary decor. Definitely the right kind of ambiance for a celebratory meal. Check out the prices on their website and decide if they fit your budget.

    1. Agree with RGR on Compass.
      Also, there was a similar thread recently, focusing on the UWS...maybe this will be of some help too...

      Congrats to the Graduate.