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Apr 19, 2007 05:37 PM

Middle Eastern or Arabic Market Cafe, Seattle

Is there a great Middle Eastern or Arabic Market that has a good grocery, produce and dry goods selection as well as a selection of prepared foods, like hummus, motabel, dolma, etc. in Seattle? I tried a search, didn't come up with much. Thanks!

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  1. I haven't found any one place. For dry goods, PFI is your best bet. Great bulk spices, beans, grains, olives, feta, etc. Tahini, grape leaves, preserved lemons and so on, as well.

    For produce, I can't think of any place essential off hand, but I have been happy with the fresh fava beans in season right now from a couple of vendors at the Pike Place Market.

    For prepared foods, good luck. I've yet to have really good dolma here. Zaina has ok meze staples otherwise (hummus, baba ghanouj) but is really a lunch counter/cafe, not a market.

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      PCC has a great baba ghanous in their deli!

    2. Try the Souk in the Market for dry goods.

      1. I don't know how different the Middle Eastern or Arabic versions of these foods are than the greek, but for hummus and dolma as well as all sorts of prepared food, my favorite is by FAR Olive You at 85th and greenwood.

        1. There is a market that sells Hallal meat on Aurora between 78th and 79th. No prepared foods, but they have a lot of canned/botled/frozen middle eastern products. I don't go there much - except to get cheap tahini and pita.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. My daughter recently moved to Seattle from MSP and is getting the lay of the culinary land. And really enjoying it!

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              If she's willing to drive or bus over to Bellevue, there's an Egyptian-owned market named Zizo. The website is Haven't stopped in yet so I can't give you any details.

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                I go here a few times a month for lunch. Definitely check it out if you're in the area. The lunch combos are VERY tasty and a great value. Try the roasted lamb sandwich if it's available that day. The owner and his staff are all very friendly. Prices on the grocery items are very good as well. Check it out

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              if you follow the lead above and shop at the souk in pike place market (which i do), remember that fero meats (ground level of corner market) also carries halal meats and sometimes has goat


              I had gone to Bellevue to try Belle Pastry, also on Main St. (good french pastry) and stopped in this market afterwards. A fair amount of bulk spices & dry goods, also cheeses, olives, a few desserts. It would be a fun afternoon for your daughter to go over and check out that street. Porcella Urban Market is also there (across the street), for high-end takeout