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Apr 19, 2007 05:32 PM

King West Dinner - Blowfish?

My wife and I are looking for a choice for our anniversary. We live in the King West and prefer to eat in the area so we can walk home.
We've been to Amuse-Bouche and weren't overly impressed. Lee was okay, but I can't imagine paying Susur prices based on our experience at Lee. Am I wrong here?
Not crazy about the Spoke Club menu either.
Was thinking about Blowfish. The menu reminds me of Nobu Next Door in New York, which we really enjoyed. But I've heard great things about Niagara Street Cafe.
So long story short, should we stick with Blowfish or should we go to Niagara Street Cafe? Or is there another gem in the area we should try?
I'm nervous to try Thuet based on reviews I've read. Am I being silly?

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  1. I also live in the area and have a suggestion. Why not go on a research mission before the big night? Pop into all three places beforehand and have a quick drink and get a feel for the menu and vibe. They are all very different places, different vibes and different customers..You would not want to screw up a anniversary dinner ;-)

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      That's a good idea. I guess they all have a bar area?
      KiWe also has been catching my eye. Anyone eaten there?

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        I've been to Bowfish about 6 times. Menu is great ...however it gets pretty loud in there almost like a club the last few times we went and you have to yell across the table ...not sure it's what you have in mind for your special day. I heard Coca is really good as well as KiWe but haven't been yet.

    2. It is not comparable, I find the food at Susur much much better than Lee.
      Blowfish is ok, some dish is good and some is not. And I don't find my meal at Thuet very memorable.

      1. I love Blowfish - but for sushi. People that don't eat it and have gone with other dishes have been disappointed. Sushi not to miss - house specialty ebi shooters, spicy tuna rolls, butter fish, black eyed peas (asparagus in brown rice), and orange and black (salmon and mango).

        1. Prices at Blowfish add up quickly - I had 4 small items and one cocktail for $95. Not great value and food is tasty but not amazing. (I seem to recall a lone ebi handroll served in a shooter glass for about $16.) I haven't been to Rosebud but many positive reviews here have put it at the top of my must-try list (it wouldn't be a far walk for you). Thuet is good but not great. Not the best value there either.

          1. Blowfish is good but clubby, noisy, excited - as cynthiasmith said. If you're okay with that it might work; it's not intimate, but is celebratory.

            I have only heard bad things about KiWe, but haven't been myself.

            Spoke Club is just okay, nothing special.

            Niagara Street Cafe is very good food (although, I assume -never having been- that it's no Susur). It's small and intimate - a good anniversary vibe, but possibly not 'special' enough.

            I didn't love Thuet, and the service is not particularly pleasant.

            I vote Rosebud too - I spent my anniversary there this year and it was terrific. Low-key but lovely.