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Apr 19, 2007 04:49 PM

Ajisen Ramen now Open

Ajisen Ramen, the new shop taking over the old Gen Ramen location is now open.

The menu is not 100% complete - but the standard tonkotsu based varieties are there such as BBQ Pork (chashu) ramen. The incomplete part being menu mentions of beef and seafood varieties coming soon.. those would be interesting

I tried the BBQ Pork Ramen and it was a good showing for such a new place (better than my first tries during first months of business at Gen or Himawari). The broth is on the salty side, the noodle average to slightly above, and the chashu meat was very good.

They plan on serving lunch starting only late April or May. For now it is dinner only. I'd like to hear how the other hounds like it.

More review and pictures:


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  1. I tried Ajisen in Shanghai last spring and was favorably impressed with a bowl of very spicy beef noodles (it had some reference to a volcano in its name on the menu). Apparently a lot of people in Shanghai are impressed, because when I returned to Shanghai last fall I was amazed at how the chain had exploded in numbers in just six month's time.

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      Well the Ajisen chains in China and Hong Kong are offering tons of variety on their menu. I have a feeling the Fremont location is only offering a fraction of that unless someone proves me wrong.

      Here's the menu off the Hong Kong Ajisen website (and be prepared to drop your jaws click on the other links to see ALL the menu)

      1. re: K K

        I haven't had Ajisen in the US, but the ones in Hong Kong are just okay and not brilliant, even though there are always long lines. The ramen noodles are more like spaghetti and I wished there was more bite to them. They are really cheap though, with set meals (ramen with a small appetizer) ranging from around US$5 - 7.

      2. re: Gary Soup

        Ajisen has actually been in Shanghai for a long time. The chain was one of my go-to's when I was living in Shanghai from 2002-2004. At the time I remember eating in at least 4-5 different branches of the chain. Not the best ramen I've ever had, but pretty consistent quality for me to eat frequently.

        I'm looking forward to trying the noodles in Fremont, although I wasn't as impressed when I had Ajisen at their Manhattan Chinatown branch about 2 years ago. As I recall, that branch served sushi as well, which they don't serve in the Mainland Chinese restaurants.

        1. re: caliboy888

          I didn't spot any Ajisens in Shangai in Spring of 2002 when I was there, so maybe I missed them or they didn't appear until later that year. I wasn't in Shanghai again until Spring of 2006, when I spotted (and tried) my first Ajisen. It was in the Raffles Center near People's Square in a highly visible window location on Xizang Lu. Perhaps that was one of their first locations. It was also where I saw and visited my first Beard Papa's. By fall of 2006 they had really started to explode, and seemed to be everyhere, including next door (!?) to my new favorite of all Shanghai noodleries, A Niang Mian Guan. Both places are constantly full, with AR attracting more of the young trend-followers, and ANMG with more seasoned local foodies (chowhounds?)

      3. That's great news, because my husband works in Fremont. He often complains about the lack of variety of eateries over there, but once Ajisen opens for lunch, he'll have one of his favorite meals available. Thanks for the tipoff.