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Apr 19, 2007 04:33 PM

What to order- lunch at Lucques, dinner at Table 8

Hi all....
My birthday is Saturday, so i'm doing a lunch at Lucques, dinner at Table 8. any must haves? thanks!

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  1. I love the steak frites at Lucques. (It's probably too early for their blta, which is astonishing, to be on the menu.)

    1. You can check the menu online; Saturday lunch has limited choices, but the steak frites is all you need. It comes plated with with an arugula salad, and the super-skinny frites have some bits of fresh herbs fried along. No starter needed.

      1. I never order chicken, but the crisp baby chicken with shortrib hash at Table 8 is fantastic.

        1. There were just several posts raving about the porterhouse steak for two at Table 8 ($75). You need to call ahead and reserve one if it piques your salivary glands interest.

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            i agree that best dish at table 8 is the salt crust portershouse steak..order it when making reservation.
            alos on the menu that was great is lamb dish done in 3 ways...not sure if its done everynight but great! lamb chop, lamb osso bucco and lamb loin? best lamb dish we ever had!

          2. Table 8: the kobe steak, but whatever you order I don't think you can go wrong. I hope not for their and your sake anyway.

            Lucques: haven't been there...have fun though!