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Apr 19, 2007 03:58 PM

Business dinner Orlando (Sand Lake)

Need to take a group of about 15 to dinner in the Sand Lake area. It's a loud/fun group so I'm looking for a place with great atmosphere and great food. Thanks in advance

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  1. Search the board for "sand lake road "and you'll find plenty of choices.

    You have dozens of choices, from steak -- Ruth's Chris, Mortons, Vines, Timpano -- to seafood -- Roy's, Bonefish Grille -- to all-American -- Seasons 52 -- to exotic -- Cedars,-- to Christini's italian, Moonfish, grilled chops and seafood, latin at Samba Cafe. They can all acommodate a group like yours.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      Thanks Bob. Looks like there are a lot of good options in that area. I'm not familiar with Vines, Roy's or Moonfish. How would you rank those three?

      1. re: Sobe

        Moonfish - Best for a group dinner as menu features equally high quality seafood and chops/steaks, all grilled on oak and citrus wood as well as nice wines and even sushi
        Roy's - chain, but high-quality Pacific Rim cuisine. Only will work if group leans toward Asian, seafood -- but menu does include excellent pork, beef dishes. Not a steak place, which can be good/bad depending on the group.
        Vines - big local bar crowd, live music, grilled food, heavy on steaks. Live music. My least favorite of these three.


        1. re: Bob Mervine

          Thanks for your help Bob. My clients opted for Morton's and we had a great meal. The porterhouse was very good as were the sides and apps. Service was great. I had not been to Morton's in a while and would go back

          1. re: Sobe

            Good to hear. Like many restaurants along Sand Lake, they are set up to handle groups just like yours and frequently do.
            I believe my Morton's contacts tell me this location does the largest volume of priivate party business in the entire chain.


    2. If you have a loud, fun group, SAMBA ROOM is the place to go. Chic atmosphere and some of the best food in Orlando.