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Apr 19, 2007 03:41 PM

Things that don't necessarily agree with you, but you eat anyway ...?

Are there things that don't necessarily agree with you (gastronomically speaking, of course), but that you eat anyway simply because you like the way they taste?

Sort of like, "I'll put up with the flatulence, the upset stomach, the minor allergic reaction if only I could have another bite of {blank} or another spoonful of {blank}."

With me, I love papaya (all kinds, Mexican, Hawai'ian, SE Asian, etc.) but it generally gives me an upset stomach. Goes away after a while, but still it doesn't really agree with me. Nonetheless, I just can't resist a good, ripe papaya.

So ... who do you listen to? Your gastro-intenstinal and/or immune system? Or, your tastebuds?

If the latter, what screams the loudest to you?

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  1. I tend to get bad heartburn, but I can't resist The Hat's pastrami sandwich and HAVE to have the little yellow chiles with them. Hurts sooooo good---

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      Yeah, damn those chiles. They stain everything! I still have a yellow-green-ish streak on my jeans from those suckers. Souvenir I guess ...

    2. Beef.
      It gives me awful flatulence and stomach rumblies for hours afterwards. My body just doesn't know how to cope with it.

      But every once in a while, I just have to dig into a big, juicy steak. I can't help myself. The tastebuds win.

      1. definitely the latter. Ever since my intestinal parasite episode, I find that most things, including spinach, too much sugar, quinoa, hoomoos (which you couldn't pay me to stop eating), vegetables, and oatmeal will upset my stomach at least sometimes. I should take better care of myself, but instead I just pretend that I still have my previous stomach of steel.

        funnily enough, cheese, and other dairy, never seem to be a problem...

        1. I have lactose intolerance, and over the years it has gotten better but everytime when I have too much dairy I still have stomach-ache.

          But I can't never resist a big bowl of ice-cream or sundae! Good things come in a price...

          1. 1) canned smoked oysters.
            2) pickled herring.
            3) liverwurst and raw onion sandwich.
            Any of these will eventually wake me up in the night with stomach cramps, but once a year, I gotta have 'em!