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Apr 19, 2007 03:39 PM

Conveyor belt sushi

Are there any conveyor belt sushi places in Boston? Near Northeastern is preferable, but easily accessible by T is a requirement.

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    1. Fugakyu, in Brookline (Coolidge Corner, Green line) just started kaiten service in February. Monday & Tues nights only. It's quite good, and way more elegant (if I can use that term correctly), than most conveyor belt sushi services I've had the misfortune to experience (mostly in airports and Hawaii).

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      1. re: TanQ10

        No kidding? I've been waiting for something like to open up up North. Too bad it will be more expensive than in Japan.

        1. re: gini

          Doesn't Fug have a Sudbury location? I've never been to, and don't know if Sud location has kaiten, or if you're near Sudbury...just thinking out loud. :)

          1. re: TanQ10

            yes, there is a Fugakyu Cafe in Sudbury... but there is no conveyor belt sushi there...

      2. to answer bostonbarguy's question: conveyor belt or kaiten sushi is a quick and inexpensive type of sushi restaurant in japan. customers sit at a counter with an oval shaped conveyor belt (imagine a large model train track) with small plates of sushi (standard nigiri being two to a plate) moving along infront of the counter. customers pick up the dishes they want and in the end bring their empty dishes (they are color coded for price) to the cashier. a sushi dinner for two can run as low as $10- (many plates are only about $1 or $2). one can judge a good place by a long waiting line... which moves quickly as these are not really places to linger. the greater # of customers, the fresher the sushi going around the belt. kaiten sushi is very popular with students, but everyone tends to go at some point. i haven't tried fugakyu's... but i imagine it is not cheap, but maybe fun and a bit nostalgic for people who've lived in japan.

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        1. re: ameria

          Thank you for taking the time ameria. I look forward to going back to Fugakyu and trying it.

          1. re: BostonBarGuy

            I think Fugakyu is way to expensive for what you get. I'll take a trip to oishi in chestnut hill, in my opinion they have the best sushi in MA

            1. re: WesleyM

              i agree about oishii... but seating is such an issue, as well as price point. i'm a fan of sushi 21 on mt auburn st. they don't have the selection that oishii has, but the fish never disappoints and the kitchen is good as well. they do the best tonkatsu (my #1 comfort food) in boston. as for ambiance... well... it's not very *trendy*, but the owner and the waitstaff are nice and it is a place where you can carry on a conversation with your dining partner/s.

          2. re: ameria

            I actually went to Fugakyu the other night and asked about their Monday/Tuesday night deal. It's $4 per plate.

            1. re: cnoyes

              How many pieces of sushi do you get per plate?