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Apr 19, 2007 03:26 PM

Red Bank NJ - good place for after dinner cocktails?

A party six going to Thyme Sqaure in Red Bank on Saturday night and I would like to find a good spot for a few cocktails after dinner. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Danny's Steakhouse is nice.

      1. Teak is good, but I usually like getting at least a couple of lamb chop apps with the drinks.

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        1. re: seal

          Another vote for teak. Ashes is fine too provided you can tolerate smoke.

        2. Red's bar is nice if not too crowded with cusmoters looking to hook up. Agree with bgut about Ashes. Another option is the Molly Pitcher Hotel.....very nice bar and if warm the patio overlooking the river is quite nice.

          1. The bar at Buona Sera can be a lot of fun. Very Goodfellas. Dress in black.

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              1. re: RobertinRedBank

                I only went relatively early in the evening so I didn't see that aspect.

              2. re: Bob Martinez

                If you are a guy, make sure you put loads of cologne on!!!

                If you are a girl, make sure you wear pants 2 sizes too small, have Mary Kay do your makeup, chew and pop gum when you are speaking to somone, and wear 4 inch heels that you can't walk in.

                Works all the time.