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Which would go better with my dinner?

Barefoot Contessa's "Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic" is tomorrow night's meal.

Which would go better?
Mushroom gnocchi with butter and thyme
Mashed taters with fresh herbs

I could also do something else with potatoes, since I've got some in the cupboard. I don't want to run out to the store.

Your opinion?

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    1. I vote for the mashies. But then I think the world would be a better place if more peopele ate more mashed potatoes.

      1. Yet another vote for mashed potatoes. Then again, I'd have mashed potatoes with many different entrees. I love mashed potatoes.

        1. The potatoes. They'll have a better attitude about being second fiddle to the chicken, and be good with all the yummy chicken sauciness.

          The gnocchi sound delicious, but maybe a little too much character to play side dish.

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            Absolutely in agreement with AnnaEA. Smashed taters.
            Serve the gnocchi with something else -- they sound terrific.

            1. re: AnnaEA

              I also agree for the same reason. The gnocchi sounds like it would make a great entree itself with a big salad and some yummy bread and cheese.

            2. i vote parboil the spuds, cut them and roast them.

                1. Her Parmesan Smashed Potatoes are to die for. Parmesan cheese, butter, sour cream and half and half...they are sinfully good.

                    1. Do you have cornmeal?
                      I love soft polenta (with parmesan or goat cheese stirred in) with roasted chicken.

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                        I do, but I want something I can walk away from. I made polenta once and it was wonderful, but seemed like a lot of work.

                      2. QB

                        Gotta help my bud and hope not too late. Taters for sure, the chicken has a wonderful sauce from the garlic and the taters will absorb that on the plate. The gnocchi with the butter will fight it .

                        Biy i love 40-clover chicken. Gotta let us know if its better than Beard's

                        1. Taters is my vote too. Also, if you have leftovers I just learned this trick for tater cakes - 2 cups leftover mashed, one large egg, 2 tbsp flour, S+P - combine all and fry in a little oil/butter till well browned!!

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                          1. My friend jfood, and all of the rest of you 'hounds who helped me out...
                            The chicken was awesome. The only issue that I had was that I whisked the sauce a bit too vigorously, and those tender garlic cloves disintegrated right into the gravy. Not that it was a bad thing. Oh no, that wonderful roasted garlic flavor permeated the entire sauce. Oh so heavenly, though I missed eating the whole cloves.
                            The taters were perfect. I seasoned them with a mixture of fresh herbs from the garden. Perfect with the sauce.
                            You were all right. The gnocchi would have been completely overwhelmed.
                            Thank you all so much!