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Apr 19, 2007 03:06 PM

Avoid China Wok in Athens

China Wok is the closest Asian place to my office and I've had some decent garlic pork there for lurch a few times so I figured to try to take some supper home from there. It was awful. tasteless, watery shrimp with lobster sauce, soggy Mongolian beef, gummy dumplings undercooked wantons flat mu shu. . I wasn't expecting Atlanta good just fair take out but this was terrible. So far Chef Ming by Home Depot/Kroger has been my most consistent choice for Chinese/American here. Anyone have a better choice short of driving 60 miles or cooking it myself?

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  1. I cannot give you a rec, but agree that China Wok is terrible. It's by my parents house so I've had takeout about 3 times. The peking ravioli/pan fried dumplings are gummy and gross. The wontons are weak, the broth of the wonton soup is weirdly yellow and tastes like canned chicken broth. The chicken and beef dishes I have tried are bland and flavorless. While I realize rangoons are not very authentic, when prepared fresh, they're good comfort food. They were orange and chewy there, but not the worst thing I have ever ordered from there. The boneless spareribs were a weird bright red, not the usual darkish red.

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      Yeah. It's sucky. And greasy in a really terrible way. I think the Chinese at Thai of Athens is not bad, for fairly Americanized stuff.

    2. I must disagree.

      China Wok is the best place for savory Chinese in Athens. It has absolutely no atmosphere, so it's best to call-in for take-out. They have fantastic dumplings (only place in town that I've found the bready/doughy variety done well). I also recommend the Tso's Chicken, the Mongolian beef and the egg rolls. I know these are the basics, but they do'em well.

      If you want light and healthy, then for god's sake, go eat Thai!

      You always gotta know what to order! Who orders ribs at a Chinese restaurant!? (@ Dax)

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        Their food is Americanized Chinese and it's awful, plain and simple.

        Butterbee, the boneless "spareribs" (not actual pork spareribs, but thin strips of pork) are just as ubiquitous on such Americanized Chinese menus as Tso/Gau chicken and mongolian beef.

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          I started this thread so I might as well give an update. I have never gone back there for dinner but I hit it once a month or so for garlic shrimp for lunch and that one dish has been just fine every time. I wish there was a better place in that corner of town. (we do have wondrous Mexican and Latin choices and Shiri Thai but only China Wok close to my office.) I guess I should try the Tso Chicken and Mongolian beef again. I also realize that with places like that the cook often changes and I may have hit a bad substitute back in 2007.