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Apr 19, 2007 02:38 PM

romantic birthday dinner in the southbay


i am looking for a special place to have dinner for a birthday celebration with my boyfriend. meditteranean, indian, japenese are prefered, but we pretty much love all genres. moderately priced with wine (bringing our own would be icing on the cake...)

any suggestions??

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  1. Here's a short list off the top of my head:

    Petros: greek restaurant in Manhattan Beach- I've been once and the food was very good and it tends to be dimly lit, which may be a nice romantic atmosphere.

    Avenue: Manhattan Beach- I wouldn't say it's moderately priced, but excellent food.

    Bottle Inn: old school Italian in Hermosa Beach. From what I remember, it has a great wine selection.

    Aimee's: French bistro in Redondo Beach. I've never been, but heard great things.

    Hope that helps some!

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    1. re: cata

      Hmm, I know everyone has their own definition of moderately priced, but I think Petros, Avenue and bottle inn would all be over $200 and possibly higher with a bottle of wine with dinner.

      You mention Indian and Japaneese, I'd recommend Addi's in Torrance or Japonica on PCH in redondo. Both places are dimly lit, probably under $125 w/ wine. Japonica has a more modern vibe, and has cozy booths.

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        It's been a while, but how about Reed's in Manhattan Beach. Not too expensive, and it's mediterrian/French. It's a small, intimate restaurant.

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          I love Aimee's. I don't know that I'd necessarily describe it as romantic, but you'll definitely get a wonderful French meal, and nice, efficient service.

        2. The only thing I might add to the list above would be to fill your Japanese quota and send you to Michi. My favorite nice Japanese in the South Bay.

          1. My favorites are Avenue in MB and Christine in Torrance. But they probably cross over the line from moderate to expensive. But you can check out the menus online and judge prices for yourself:,r

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              I second Michi, Christine, and Reed's -- have been very satisfied with each, multiple times. One qualification about Reed's: their piano player plays for a septuagenarian audience.

            2. Kinokawa in Long Beach (Walnut & Wardlow) has a tatami room you could have private all to yourself if pre-booked I think. It's in a strip mall but it's very good. Recommend picking up cake from Jongewaard's Bake & Broil (get red velvet or coconut) on Atlantic and taking it with you. Enjoy!

              1. I like Admiral Risty up in Palos Verdes
                Also Le Rive Gauche in Malaga Cove Palos Verdes
                Chez Melange in Redondo Beach/Hollywood Riviera