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Apr 19, 2007 01:54 PM

Hong Kong Style Stinky Tofu??

Reading David Kaplan's recent post on stinky tofu ( )I was wondering if there are any places in the Bay area serve Hong Kong style stinky tofu. All the places I've tried so far, Joy, Ah Chung etc, make the Taiwanese style. Hong Kong style is generally crispy on the outside but velvety smooth on the inside.

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  1. What's the Taiwanese style like? From your description, New China, in Union City, serves the Hong Kong style.

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    1. re: DezzerSF

      The Taiwanese style is usually cut into smaller cubes and served with pickles and/or some kind of flavored soy sauce. The Hong Kong style should be much larger in size and served with sweetened red sauce. I desperately need the HK style! If anyone knows where I can pig out on the HK style stinky tofu, PLEASE ADVISE ASAP!

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        I've been told that this is what Queen House in Mountain View on Castro serves. I've had it there. I'm not sure if it is HK style, but it certainly is stinky! :-)

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          Queen House is Taiwanese and New China is Taiwanese/"northern", too. This sounds more like cafe food, and there just aren't that many Hong Kong cafes in the Bay Area. Indeed even in LA where there's a HK cafe on every other block in the San Gabriel Valley I can't say I recall seeing stinky tofu at a Hong Kong style eatery.

          New China
          1743 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA 94587

          1. re: Chandavkl

            Well culturally (from a food standpoint) HK style stinky tofu has and almost always has been limited to a street food snack item, usually on skewers, similarly to others like the stuffed eggplant and pepper and tofu trio (also known as pan fried stuffed 3 treasure 煎釀三寶) which I don't think I've seen in the US, or those orange looking pork intestine casings with mustard on skewers (amongst many others). Somehow they just never made it as mainstream and as pedestrian as say curry fishball skewers, ju cheung fun, fish siu mai skewers, eggettes/egg puffs which are a lot easier to find in SF Bay Area type dessert snack shops and very few HK cafes). Plus stinky tofu is not as widely accepted, and perhaps thus the absence of being able to find this versus Taiwanese or Mainland style.

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              There was a hole in the wall on Jackson and Kearney in SF that served HK style (large chunks, deep fried, sweet spicy sauce) stinky tofu. When I was in SF for thanxgiving 2 weeks ago, I learned it had been closed for a couple of years. Gulp.
              The stinky tofu there was so stinky and permeating that one had to run in, place order, then run out immediately and wait outside, otherwise one's clothes would smell forEVER.
              Taiwan or HK style is so subjective. One is loyal to what one grew up with. The stink puts us in a time machine bubble (must sound abject to non-STF converts, to be in a stinky tofu bubble). Sort of like Proust's madeleines.
              Sigh, don't get me started on curry fishball skewers.

    2. maybe Spices! on 8th St and Geary/Clement has what you're looking for. They have lots of stinky tofu options. On one of the pictures on Yelp it looks like big crispy pieces with a garnish and a red sauce next to it. Its the place that inspired Mr Kaplan's post.

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      1. re: oster

        Spices is Taiwanese-Sichuan. That photo looks like their regular fried stinky tofu.

        1. re: oster

          I think Spices! might be the place where I've had it. I was not versed on regional variations, but I've had both the big pieces with a red dipping sauce and smaller pieces served with pickles. If not Spices!, then perhaps China Bee in San Mateo.

          China Bee
          31 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

          294 8th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118