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Apr 19, 2007 01:45 PM

Gettysburg near Best Inn (301 Steinwehr Ave.)

I'm supervising a high school bus trip (from Toronto) April 25-28 to Gettysburg, Washington and Alexandria. We will be staying at the Best Inn in Gettysburg and need to find a quick supper nearby before our "Ghost walking tour" of the battlefield. The next day, we visit Washington Cathedral and Arlington National Cemetary. Plus either Potomac Mills Outlet Mall or Landmark Mall.

We have 50 students and 5 teachers, but for most of the lunches/dinners, we can leave the students to their own devices and enjoy some time on our own. Please advise!

P.S. I'm a Toronto 'hound and really enjoy trying local/regional cuisine - so if there's anything unique to your area, please highlight. We will not have time for fancy/upscale meals and please don't suggest places that charge over $20 for main courses.

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  1. You will be limited in the area , If you like barbque, I like ( ) its
    about 15 minutes away, south on Route 15. I suggest the Pulled pork / Brisket combo and split it with someone. But most of the places cater to the tourist with the usual "burgers / wraps and salads"

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      Thanks! I love southern 'cue. We don't get really good BBQ in Toronto. How much would it cost to taxi to Chubbys and do you think it's worth the trek?

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        Well, your problem right off would be the taxi. There isn't really any taxi service in Gettysburg, or was not when I lived there. If you don't have a car, there is some touristy transportation (trolley-style buses that go around to the sights), but elsewise, public transit is sad in Adams County, PA. I would check in with your hotel about transport possibilities.

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          Just checked the website and they are in Emmetsburg, Maryland! I'll definitely ask the hotel for transport ideas.

    2. There is always "General Picketts Buffet" a couple of blocks away on 571 Steinwehr Ave. Not only do you get to eat all you want, it you get to witness "Picketts Charge!" when the buffet opens. I've never eaten there so you are on your own. Good Luck.

      1. Just down the street towards town across from the battlefield is Tommy's Pizza.Its a humble Pizza-Subs-Wings place but its darn good.Pizza isnt really a local cuisine of course,but they do it exceptionally well and its a good value.

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          Do you think they would fit 55 people? Do you have the address/number/website? Thanks so much.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            No website that I know of.They are at 105 Steinwehr.Phone # is 717-334-4721.

        2. You will be there for the Greyhounds Invade Gettysburg weekend-- there will be retired racers everywhere so beware if you have any dog-allergic kids in your group!

          The Dobbin House is a fun, almost-kitschy "Colonial" dining experience. The building is pre-Revolutionary and the bar is in the old spring house (with a still-running spring). IT was a stop on the underground railroad and they have the room where the slaves hid available to view-- might be a side trip for students interested in that sort of thing. The food is above average for Gettysburg. I especially enjoyed the duck.

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            5 of us went to the Dobbin House Tavern downstairs and really loved the atmosphere. Food was decent but we couldn't order from the upstairs menu. I had the pretty good half chicken with baked potato and overdressed salad. Our students enjoyed pizza at Tommy's.

            Thanks everyone for your help!