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Apr 19, 2007 01:33 PM

Culver City Restaurants

I know that there's a growing restaurant community in Culver City but was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a relatively inexpensive place to have dinner ($12-15 entrees?). As far as type of food, I'm looking for the usual American fare, chicken/fish/meat/etc. Casual would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Sounds like a time for the Double Dutch Dinette to come to the rescue. Mains are a bit more than your price point by a couple of dollars (some are more but that price range should give you a good selection).

    1. All pretty casual:

      Slightly under your budget is Ugo which just recently opened. It's kind of Italian, but they're really good, and have chicken/fish/meat entrees.

      La Dijonaise is also great. Technically French, but again, has pretty normal chicken/fish/meat plates.

      Lastly, you might want to try Tender Greens. Great great food - salads made as you watch, and they have great meats that you can either add to your salad, or you can get them on a traditional dinner plate with potatoes and a side salad. Everything's about $10. You pretty much order yourself, pay, then sit down (no waiters).

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        I second the recommendation for Tender Greens.

        1. re: glutton

          Third. I just love Tender Greens.

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          I second the recommendation for La Dijonnaise... go in the evening and get the rabbit - the gravy and the fries are lovely.

          I didn't like the atmosphere at Tender Greens, very busy and non-cozy to me.

        3. Great recs listed so far, for sure. I'd add a few that should not be missed -

          Giovanni's Trattoria (even though it's Italian and not exactly American), pastas, meat and chicken are good and reasonable. Definitely a goody.

          Metro Cafe (in the Travelodge at Washington Pl. and Sepulveda) for a nice menu with salads, pastas, traditional CA rest fare with Serbian specialties like goulash also there. Very cozy, really liked this place, and they were very nice to a Dad dining alone with 2 small kids, even though we couldn't stay long. I liked the goulash a lot. Good chocolate cake for dessert - more like mousse. Yum.

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            Does Metro Cafe serve burek (filo pastry stuffed with cheese and meat)? that's my all-time favorite serbian dish, but a good version can be hard to find.

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              I've only been once, about a month ago, but the fellow I spoke with (owner?) said that they vary the serbian items from day to day. Call them - its a great spot and worth your time if you want something in particular. All seemed very friendly.

              You might also try Aroma Cafe on Overland.

            2. re: CulverJack

              There's a whole subtopic that could be written about ethnic restaurants attached to motels. In the Northeast that used to be one search point for finding an Indian restaurant with good food.

            3. I'm a VERY big fan of the Double Dutch Dinette, I just wish it was open for business a little more frequently - seems like its never open when it should be. Tried it today for a Saturday lunch, but alas it was closed.

              We went next door to S&W for the first time, still buzzing with the breakfast crowd well past 1pm. I had a tuna melt that was just OK and onion rings that were really terrible. And though "grease" is to be expected in southern comfort food, there was a bit more than I could stomach. Service was NON-EXISTANT. I know there's always a line out the door at this place . . . must be the low prices. I won't be back though.

              We used to live a block away from La Dij. Its just OK, really. I agree with others here that their dinner is good - much better than lunch or breakfast. It seems that they put a little more effort into it later in the day.

              1. Went to Victor Jr's for the first time after driving by this place for decades without ever giving it a second thought until now, and geez am I glad I did...