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Apr 19, 2007 01:17 PM

Cotija cheese

Is it possible to buy Cotija cheese anywhere around Toronto (or by mail order)? I bought some in Mexico, at a supermarket in the town of Chapala. It is a grated cheese tasting, in my opinion, something like a combination of Feta and Parmesan, and a welcome change, sprinkled on pasta, from the usual choice of Parmesan or Romano.

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  1. Nothing guaranteed, but I'd check with the latin places in Kensington like Perola's or Emporium Latino. You can also ask for Queso Anejado which just means aged cheese. There's a Mexican market on the sw corner of Keele and Lawrence called something like Market Tino. You could call them too.

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        1. A little late from your posting date maybe!!, but I finally found some Cotija cheese at Highland Farms on Rutherford at Hwy 400! IF you contact the manufacturer they can maybe tell you where else in GTA it is available. Brand is Tifco , product of Canada, 16 Fima Cres.,ETOBICOKE, Ontario
          M8W 3P9 Téléphone : (416) 253-7200

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            Yup, HIghland Farms seems to be carrying a selection of Mexican-style cheeses in Mississauga, too:Oaxaca and queso fresco. They're a wee bit spendy but not extortionately priced.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              I guess this would make the drive to Mississauga worth it for me. BTW is the Oaxaca cheese any good?


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                Only tried the queso fresco which was just fine. As NorthernMatt said, the Tifco brand seems to be spreading. Might be worth calling them for retailers. Most small producers/distributors are happy to do that. They may even sell direct--who knows?

          2. Joe's No Frills at Dufferin Mall carries cotija, Oaxaca, and possibly other cheeses. Across the street at La Tortilleria on Dufferin you can get a few other Mexican cheeses.