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Apr 19, 2007 01:06 PM

Butternut Squash Puree

As an impulse buy at Williams Sonoma last fall, I bought a jar of butternut squash puree thinking I'd use it for a nice autumnal meal. As the days get warmer and the trees start to bud, I've missed my chance for whatever it is I was going to think about making. So I'll put this question out to the CH universe - have you any good recipes to take advantage of the puree? I'm keeping it unless I can find my receipt.

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  1. What about making a pot pie with chicken and squash under a puff pastry crust?
    This April has been gold enough in the Northeast to merit a dinner like that!

    1. sweeten it and spice it up and use it as a spread for english muffins/toast. butter always helps too

      1. It makes a really great basis for a lasagna sauce, paired with ricotta and a strong cheese (such as gorgonzola), some mushrooms and/or spinach, and some nuts sprinkled in. (I use sage as the flavoring if I'm not using spinach, otherwise I use nutmeg). It can also make a good pizza sauce, if you like pizza.
        I'm a big fan of curried squash soup, too (the one with leeks on is a great standby, and is super-fast with pre-pureed squash). A lot of squash soups are very autumnal, but you could take advantage of some good spring leeks to make it seem more seasonable :)

        1. I just made a butternut squash soup. Peeled and cutup a small squash, and steamed it. Sauteed onion, added the squash, simmered with some water (or milk). Pureed with an immersion blender. Added whipping cream, and spices like dried ginger and nutmeg, salt and pepper. Also a dash of curry powder. I left it on the thick side, so it was almost a pudding. Worked well as a first course in small desert bowls.


          1. I make a double layer Butternut Squash pie with a Maple Roasted Chestnut layer.

            I also use it (or sometimes pumpkin) to make a sauce for a hearty white fish, using carmelized onions, sage, roasted peppers and/or sundried tomatoes, puree, and evaporated milk, and S & P.