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Apr 19, 2007 01:02 PM

Dinner & Drinks in Buckhead

My Buddies and I are going to be in Atlanta this weekend. We would like to have dinner in Buckhead at a restaurant that has great food as well as an active bar scene...any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. Bluepointe definitely has an... active... bar scene! Twist is active too but not as good food.
    It's not in Buckhead, but Two Urban Licks and Rathbuns both are pretty trendy these days. Also check out Trois in midtown, it's walking distance of a lot of other restaurants/bars/etc.

    1. If you eat at Bluepointe you can go across the street to The Tavern @ Phipps Plaza (same place where Twist is located) Known for its talented bartenders and barmaids w/ microminis.
      Any particular reason you are limited to Buckhead. Ecco in Midtown is also a great spot for food/bar.

      1. I second Bluepointe. However Capital City Grill is good and has a great bar.

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          You mean The Capital Grille on East Paces? I originally listed that, but deleted since I wasn't sure how "loose" of a bar scene he was looking for. Great steaks, view and sophisitacated bar.