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Apr 19, 2007 12:47 PM


Anyone been to the little place Buddha BBeeQ on 2nd and 91st?


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  1. Haven't been yet but walked by to pick up a menu after I saw it in FloFab. Looks interesting. I am planning to order some delivery either tonight or over the weekend. Some of rice dishes - I hope they are sort of like bibimbop - looked interesting.

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      Replying to myself, I went today to Buddha BBeeq. I had beef over Korean rice, I think it was called K Rice. It was pretty much like bibimbop, and I was able to get it over brown rice. Nice assortment of vegetables and some spicy sauce that wasn't that spicy. It was just OK really, not bad, not amazing. I think I want to try some more adventurous stuff on their menu to try it out some more.

      I did have a strawberry ginger smoothie though which was a great accompaniment to the food and really delicious.