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Apr 19, 2007 12:38 PM

Moulton's Restaurant & Seafood Market

I went to Moulton's Restaurant & Seafood Market today located at 178 Winthrop Street in Medford MA. I got a fisherman's platter (market price) to go. The fisherman's platter was $16.95 for fried clams, sea scallops, shrimp, fish, onion rings, fries and cole slaw. The fisherman's platter was fantastic. All of the seafood was fresh and not greasy. It was the first time I had ever gone to Moulton's. I drive by Moulton's all the time but never tried it until today. Moulton's has been in business since 1945. I will definately return to Moulton's for their excellent seafood dinners. Has anyone else tried Moulton's?

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  1. I haven't tried them yet. I tried to go once for lunch and they were closed - do you know what their hours are? I've heard great things about them and I am often in the Tufts area so I would love to try. oh, and do they have a website?

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      I don't know what their hours are but you can call them at 781-396-6466. I also don't think that they have a website.

    2. yep, i've been there. nice neighborhood spot. darn good fried clams.

      1. We just went there for the first time on Good Friday after hearing so much about them from MeffaBabe. My husband had that Fisherman's platter, and I had the fried clams (yum!). The clam chowder was good too. I even liked their cole slaw, and I'm really picky about cole slaw. I think we'll go back tonight!

        1. I picked up a clam plate and a fish & scallop plate on the way home last week based on MeffaBabe's frequent plugs. I thought it was very good, and will definitely return. Is it my favorite? No. I think they're on par with Seafood Depot in West Medford Square (four blocks from my home), and I slightly favor Kelly's Roast Beef. All three, though, fall just short of a drive up to the Clam Box or Woodman's (haven't tried Farnham's yet). But Medford sure is a lot closer to home.


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            The scallops I had yesterday from Moulton's were in my opinion better than the scallops at Kelly's Roast Beef. They were big sea scallops and very fresh. The scallops at Kelly's Roast Beef are smaller. I also got an order of clam chowder at Moulton's. The clam chowder was very good and better than the clam chowder I had at Kelly's Roast Beef in Saugus. Last week I went to the Clam Box in Ipswich and had a fisherman's platter. You really can't compare Moulton's to the Clam Box. Moulton's is much closer to me than the Clam Box and cheaper.

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              Its about time people are starting to try Moultons Seafood! I am so happy others are starting to see why I rave about it so much. They are not open on Sundays or Mondays and only serve until 7 or 8 pm and no they don't have a website. You can also get some of the best FRESH fish to take home and prepare yourself... I still say they have the best fish around...

          2. I'm not a big fan of Moulton's. There seafood is of good quality, but the breading on the fried items is too sweet and heavy. It reminds me of supermarket frozen clam strips. I like a lighter fry. Seafood Depot in West Medford has a good batter.

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              That's a good description. I, too, found the breading a bit sweet. Very good nonetheless, but still not my favorite.