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Apr 19, 2007 12:32 PM

Lark Creek Steak What to order?

We'll be dining at LCS and would like to get ideas about what is good and not so good? How does the prix fixe menu compare to the a la carte?

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    The prix fixe is very limited (no choice) but a relatively good value.

    1. I was underwhelmed by both steak selections we had, so not sure what that says for the non steak options at a steak house. We had the eye of rib eye kobe and the dry aged rib eye. Neither had near the flavor I would have expected for the cuts. Both sides we had were pretty good. We had the whipped baked potato (aka mashed potatos) and the baking of the potato added nicely to the dish. The other was the braised chard studded with smoky bacon.