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Apr 19, 2007 12:27 PM

New Sushi Conveyer on Yonge

Despite the misleading name, Toko Bistro and Bar is actually a sushi-train-like place but cheaper than the actual sushi train. It's at Yonge and Isabella (I think)'s between Bloor and Wellesley, in any event.

They also have more western stuff (bowl of fruit, cheesecake) on the train in addition to tempura and yummy sushi.

The service was pretty good and it only opened a few days ago.

Enjoy :)

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  1. is that the one on the East side? where the hemp store used to be?

    how was the pricing?

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      Yes... I work right around the area and it is right on the south east corner of Yonge and Isabella. I haven't tried, but went by yesterday and took a glance at their "Lunch Special" menu (served until 3pm). The pricing seemed quite good. The Lunch Specials consisted of typical bento box items: terriyaki beef, chicken or salmon (among other entree choices) and comes with rice, soup and a roll (I think it even said salad!) all for 6.95 to 7.95.

    2. do you know if they have a website? I tried searching for them on google but nothing relevant shows up~~ i'm definitely excited about it though!

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      1. re: tare_lemon

        I walked by to have a look. The prices of the conveyor belt items are clearly posted on the window, from $1.50 to $4.50 per plate (the latter include spider roll, spicy salmon roll etc.) The items are going around with a plastic cover so at least they don't dry out. There are flyers to take but they are just regular a la carte items.

        One thing though, they have their name in English, then a name in Chinese which means "Fisher (as in fisherman) restaurant" 漁酒家 which has nothing to do with Toko, Bistro, or Bar. So those who do not like going to Chinese operated sushi joints, you know what to do!

        I'm meeting a sushi-fiend friend for lunch next week, so we'll be checking it out.