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Apr 19, 2007 12:24 PM

Napa - Food and lodging

My wife and I will be vacationing in San Fran next month and have decided to spend a couple nights in wine country.

We’re in desperate need of restaurant and lodging recommendations. We’re looking for those middle of the road restaurants where the food is good and the prices are reasonable ($25-$30/entrée range).

We treat lodging as “home base” where we won’t be spending too much time there, consequently we’d like to spend as little as possible. We’re open to B&B’s motels, hotels, whatever. We’re also not that concerned with location. We’ll be driving Hwy 29 and the Silverado Trail so anywhere in that area will work.


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  1. I would choose Sonoma as a base. Look for tons of recs for sonoma on the board and wine country.Worthwhile cities to branch out to are Healdsburg and Petaluma. Search the board for recs there.

    Chowhound doesn't allow lodging recs unless food is involved. So lookup 'the girl & the fig' or 'the fig pantry' on the web. They have some cute cottages behind 'the fig pantry' in Sonoma. You could wander over to 'the fig pantry' from the cottage in the morning to to have a nice continenal type breakfast.

    1. If you're "in" to port, you may want to check out Prager's Portworks in St. Helena - They have great port and a couple of rooms for rent right at the winery. You get complimentary port in the evening, plus breakfast :


      In terms of inexpensive restaurants

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        It would be very helpful to stay there. The last time I was at Prager's I only had half of each of my tastes and still had to wait it out for an hour at Sutter Home until I felt sober enough to get back into the car. And so many of them were delicious enough that I hadn't wanted to share in the first place, but so glad I did!

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          FYI, the bed and breakfast of Prager's is no longer available per their website...

        2. Westlaw, please use the search window. Hundreds of recent posts can answer your questions about restaurants or food. Lodging questions are not allowed on CH, so please call around or search Google for those. Have a nice time. ML