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Apr 19, 2007 12:04 PM

Looking for the best steak in Nashville

We have a group of 8 guys (35+) heading down to Nashville from Toronto and I'm trying to find out where we can get the best steak/seafood in Nashville. I've checked out this site and a few others, but the lists seem endless. We would like to stay away from Ruth's Chris and Morton's as we have those here. Some of the places that look interesting are Flemmings, The Stock-Yard and Nick & Rudy's. Preferred attire is business casual and are willing to spend $100 pp including a couple of bottles of wine. Great service is also a requirement.

thakns for the help.

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  1. You're right that the list seems endless. I'm not a frequent steakhouse eater, but I know the city's restaurants pretty well and would avoid Stockyard. The other two have their passionate fans, and there's a Palm in the Hilton downtown. I'd call about the wine lists, though.

    1. Fleming's and Morton's excel at service followed closely by the Palm, but none are original to Nashville...not that Nashville is known for steak houses and seafood. Never the less, for authentic Nashville blueblood feel, it is hard to argue with Jimmy Kelly's or Sperry's. Both made their names for service back in the day and feature steak and seafood selections. More recently, Sunset Grille has been the most consistent with casual fine dining and they offer an extensive wine list, although their steak selections are limited compared to "steak houses". While you are here, you should run out to Loveless Cafe for country ham and biscuits with scrambled eggs and get acquainted to a real taste of the area. You might also try Arnold's Country Kitchen on 8th Ave. for lunch, the Roast Beef and Chocalate Pie are extraordinary, and you may be seated next to the Mayor, Governor or a Star or two! (By the way, don't flirt too much with Arnold's pretty wife, he not only carries the carving knife, but also a "hog-leg" ,...southern for a very large pistol!). Hope you enjoy your trip!