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Downtown private room for dinner party?

Any ideas for a downtown restaurant with private room where I could have about 25 adults and 10 kids ages 5-15 for a sit-down dinner party (40th bday party)? Maybe Italian? Looking for something less expensive than Bouley but more upscale than Bubby's.... Thanks in advance.

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  1. What about a private room at The Modern? It's not downtown, but it's definately downtown cool.

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      Thanks but needs to be downtown, hopefully Tribeca, as am planning rooftop cocktails before the dinner....

    2. I know that Vento on Hudson Street does private parties - I have actually never been, but looked into having a party there. It is supposed to be very good, and pretty reasonably priced.


      1. Jane on Houston has a room downstairs. I was there for dinner the other night and saw a private party going on and thought it looked like a fun place to hold one.

        1. What about Del Posto? It is more towards the Bouley on the price spectrum, but it is beautiful and has a few private dining rooms downstairs. Food is Italian and fantastic. Located a bit north of Tribeca, but still on that side of town: 10th Ave between 15th & 16th sts.

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            WARNING: Stay away from private events at Del Posto. I have felt better taken care of at the local diner than I did planning a 17k dinner there. Their event planner does not return calls or emails, and when she does,she is terse (to put it mildly).
            She constantly says how busy she is, which although I understand, I do not need to hear every time we connect. Thankfully, the service on the evening itself was wonderful, but we will never return.

          2. City Hall in tribeca has a really lovely private room downstairs. They can seat 30 or so in one long table.

            1. Scalini Fedeli has a private room downstairs.

              1. You can rent out the main dinning room of Il Buco for your event.

                1. The Harrison and Thalassa both have private rooms.

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                      The website says the restaurant will be opening "Spring 2007," but I don't think that's happened yet.


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                        Wasn't talking about the restaurant...the hotel has a special events department with great private facilities all overlooking Gramercy Park. It's the perfect spot.

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                          O.K.. The o.p. is looking for something less expensive than Bouley. Considering how upscale the GPH has now become, I wonder if a private party there would fit that requirement. I guess no harm in inquiring....

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                        maybe inoteca's cellar basement room may fit your group's requirement

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                          Really hoping to stay in Tribeca and not spend a ton. Given there will be kids there, I dont want anything too formal or classy like Scalini Fedeli. City Hall is booked that night. And some of the other options werent close enough (though Jane may warrant a second thought). Thanks - if something akin to Gigino's on Greenwich just had a private room I would be set....

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                              How about The Harrison, I believe they have a private dining room.