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Apr 19, 2007 11:55 AM

Thuet - WTF?

Has anyone experienced terrible service at Thuet. I hadn't been before, and had some colleagues from NYC up for dinner, so decided to try it out. We sat down in a 1/2 empty restaurant, the waiter came over and described the tasting menu (which we told him we wanted + wine pairings) and he left.

We kept trying to flag people down to get us a drink or something(!) but had no luck. It looked like he was the only person serving, along with about 4 busboys. After 45 minutes, several glasses of water, and a slice of bread each, we got up and left - over to the Spoke for dinner (which, maybe because of my hunger, was the best meal I've had there - spring menu was really good.)

Is this sort of indifferent service typical there? I can't understand why a server would want to piss off a high-revenue table...

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  1. Sounds like a goofy approach to business. Maybe they think it's a world-class attitude they're affecting? Perhaps your server was an artist, focused on his career-making role (rather than a pro who takes pride in his job)? Hard to know these days.

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      1. Yes we have had some bad service at Thuet--more amaturish, than anything. For example we have had waitstaff not knowing what's in the food, food runners being incomprehensible when describing a dish and then some

        It's really too bad because the food is quite good.

        1. Yes, I've only been once (for brunch), but had services issues as well. After arriving exactly on time for my reservation, the hostess proceeded to ignore me for a full 10 minutes while I watched her run around, completely disorganized, in an empty restaurant. She was not friendly. Our female server had very little knowledge about the menu, and brought the wrong dish to someone at our table, without apologizing.

          And like mikeb said, it is too bad since the food was really outstanding.

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            I've been to Thuet for both dinner and brunch, and the service has been ok. I was there for a group dinner and they were quite accommodating. As for brunch, the food is always amazing and the service is fine and hasn't made me not want to return.

          2. A while ago on another food board (which shall remain nameless!) people were commenting on how the food at Thuet was unspectacular at best and bland at worse and definitely not worth the high end price they were charging. Then Biana (Thuet's wife and restaurant owner) signed on and said all the posters were wrong and they didn't know what they were talking about. Her tone was very defensive and unkind even though all the other posters (and customers) were having similar issues with the restaurant's food and service.

            Simply put, I don't think Marc and Biana care much what their customer think because they think they know better. That has resulted in the restaurant being more than half empty even on Fridays and Saturdays and then they changed it to a Bistro and added brunch but it looks like their attitude hasn't changed at all. It's really too bad because the restaurant opened with so much media attention and high expectations.

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            1. re: syoung

              I recall the post on the other food site and I think it was not so much Biana saying everyone was wrong as she was trying to explain what went on behind the scenes. I thought she wrote well and admired her for her courage to post her feelings. That being said, there is no excuse for a server to be alone in a dining room in ANY restaurant, but sadly it seems to happen frequently in this city. Bad service is all over the place, but you can't always blame the worker . A server working alone is not responsible for the bad service, that is the responsibility of the management. Having a very brief stint as a server under my belt I could think of nothing worse than 40 people all needind(wanting) my attention at the same time. That's what waiter dreams are made of. If you had ever tasted Marcs food ( or met the man) you can tell thet he truely cares about pleasing people and loves food. It seems most people here are complaining about the service at Thuet and not the food, luckily that should be easy to fix now that word is out.

              1. re: phisherking

                ^^I am in agreeance here- no excuses-ie if you have too many students, then hire some non- students. (unless they are in short supply for whatever reason-??_)

                I have yet to visit Theut, but I am still adamant about doing so, as after witnessing the trials & tribulations on Food Tv's "openingsoon" I really am intrigued...