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Best Cheap Dumplings?

I'm in the mood for some good cheap dumplings tonight. The only place I know of is Dumpling Man, but the reviews don't seem too good.. too bad cuz the logo is so cute!

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar...cute place with GREAT homemade lemonade and dessert dumplings, too!

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      Ok Ok, so they're not the cheapest...but they're tasty.

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        I want to try Rickshaw, but my boyfriend is insisting he doesn't want to eat in the restaurant and we have to get take out if I want dumplings from there. Is it that bad inside?

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        At $4.95 for 6 dumplings, Rickshaw serves some of the more expensive dumplings in the city. At Szechuan Gourmet you get 8 dumplings for $3.95, a pretty standard price. For truly cheap (and quite good) dumplings the Dumpling House on Eldridge can't be beat. 5 or a dollar.

      3. Head down to Chinatown and try Fried Dumpling on Allen, just south of Delancy or better yet, North Dumpling, on Essex just north of Canal. Both are great and at $1 an order, well, enought.

        1. Mmm...Tasty Dumpling at 54 Mullberry. Yummers. 5 for $1, of course. Pork and chive are the best, but they have many other combinations that are worth trying.

          1. My favorite cheap dumplings are at Dumpling House (Eldridge bw. Grand & Broome). 5 dumplings for $1 - you can't beat it. And the sesame pancake with beef is simply amazing.

            now you've got me wanting this for dinner too!

            ETA: It's definitely not big on the ambiance, though, so I wouldn't suggest it if you're looking for a place to sit and eat a comfy dinner out. Hands down, still my still my top pick, though...

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              Haha, maybe it will start a dumpling craze. I think I just love the word dumpling.. sounds so plump and yummy.

              So as of now we're gonna go try Dumpling House.. thanks for all your suggestions!

            2. I prefer Prosperity Dumplings, 46 Eldridge St., but if you check the board for past threads there's really no consensus. Tasty Dumpling would be my second choice.

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                i second dumpling house as well. they have a broader selection than fried dumpling, but definitely no atmosphere (or seating)....you could stand and eat if it's not too packed, but that is rare. enjoy!

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                  Definitely Prosperity. There's always a line out the door which means fresh dumplings. I think the one on Mosco and the one on Allen are overrated. The one on Mulberry is not bad either.

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                    Yes, the turnover at Prosperty is amazing. Sometimes they can't cook it fast enough. Tasty Dumpling is the place on Mulberry.

                2. Dumpling House and Tasty Dumpling. Stay away from that nasty little Fried Dumpling branch on Mosco...Allen St.(??) branch is better.

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                    Try Moon House, 67 Bayard Street bet. Mott and Elizabeth. They have traditional dumplings, but the real treat is a dish called fried tiny buns. FTB are thick-skinned, lightly fried dumplings filled with pork. Filling and very addictive.

                  2. Dumpling House all the way! Last time I went, I nearly ordered 175 dumplings ($35 worth of dumplings) instead of 35 dumplings in my broken Chinese. Oops.

                    Although, the molten chocolate-filled black sesame dumplings at Rickshaw are pretty tasty too ...

                    1. While Rickshaw may have the best ingredients inside the dumpling, I personally think Dumplin Man (St Mark's between 1st Ave & Ave A) has the best dough. They are made right in front of the bar that you can eat at and cost $4 for 6.

                      1. I love the dumplings at Mandoo Bar on 32nd street (korea town). They offer a variey of about 6 in addition to a few basic traditional korean dishses (bi bim bop and noodles). The Kimchee dumplings are my favorite. Not too much dough and packed with greatness! Surprisingly, I really enjoyed their steamed pork dumplings and consider them better than most fried pork dumplings.

                        1. vegetarian dim sum house

                          1. I think Prosperity Dumpling is the greatest but I'm wondering one thing: when do they serve the stuffed sesame pancake??? I have tried ordering it so many times and the owner, though he is is always very friendly, always tells me he doesn't have it right then. Truly a mystery...

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                              the owner doesnt have most of the stuff on the menu...i mean its a dumpling place, so obviously they have those (and i guess thats what matters), but they have all types of other stuff on the menu and they never have it

                              they have this egg and chive pancake on the menu (i think it says jiu cai dan zi in chinese) which sounds great, sounds like a dan bing, but they never seem to have it although i always ask if they do

                            2. I must say its not original but I'm a fan of New Green Bo in Chinatown. The dumplings both soup and otherwise have never disappointed me.