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Apr 19, 2007 10:38 AM

Cake Restaurant on Wharf St. Portland

I am going to a dinner dance (don't ask) at a place called Cake Restaurant. The only info I can find on the web is at: It says "opening March 3", which might explain why there is not much info, but I don't even know what YEAR "March 3" is referring to. Does anyone know anything more about this place? I am laughing hard enough that I am going to a med school dance at age 33, but want to know what I am getting myself into. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Who on earth signed you up to go to Cake? I don't think there has been more than 5 people in there at once since it opened. It's in the old Industry nightclub. I'm shocked that they are still open. I would seriously suggest trying to find something else. You are better off going to Vignola a few doors down or one of the many other places in that area.

    1. I went to CAKE Restaurant last Saturday night. It was AWESOME! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was sophisticated and elegant, yet warm and comfortable. There is a very spacious dance floor, and the owner is always there to offer VIP treatment to new patrons and returning guests alike!

      As far as the other response you got - there were a lot of professional type people there (mostly 30's - 40's) and; according to my friends who brought me there, there were even more people there the weekend before!

      And yes, Cake opened in March of 2007.

      I can't wait to go again... and... as a matter of fact, I am taking 2 other couples from my home town there tomorrow night for dinner and drinks! :-)

      Enjoy the dinner dance!!!

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        I have sampled the desserts at Cake and they were horrible. The Cake restaurant is more of a front for the Cake nightclub because I don't think the city wanted a nightclub. The place has actually been open since January when I went there. And yes, it was still dead then. Luckily though, they have eleven (eleven!?) to choose from, so imagine how fresh they must be with the utter lack of customers.
        So in terms of "how are they still open" comment, I believe they make a majority of their money on the bar after 10pm.

      2. For a funny and honest review of what Cake is like, I recommend this article from The Bollard.

        Click on: "Canky or Swanky"