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Apr 19, 2007 10:38 AM

Kidspace in Pasadena Sunday - Lunch w/kids??

Need kid-friendly place (ages 5,6, & 8) w/decent food.......Pasadena, S. Pasadena, Altadena or Eagle Rock ?? Italian, Mexican, BBQ ???? or??


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  1. Not really a chowhoundish place, but my 8 year old loves it.

    Gelato di Roma - they have pizza and gelato, and the prices are reasonable. Location is at Old Town Pasadena, near the Hooters.

    1. The last time we went to Kidspace, we ate at Senor Fish, 618 Mission St. in S. Pasadena. It is a complete hole-in-the-wall (unlike the Senor Fish in Little Tokyo, which is a funky, eccentric place, this is just a space in a minimall) but the quesadillas and the burritos rock.

      Then, afterward, you can go to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy right down Mission for a pretty good selection of old-fashioned ice cream treats. (In our experience Fair Oaks Pharmacy isn't as good lately as it once was--I think they stopped using Fosselman's ice cream, for one thing, but it's still a fun place.) Or, if you have the energy to drive a bit, you might think about driving up to Altadena to try the new Bulgarini Gelato (see ); or to Alhambra to Twohey's (Atlantic & Huntington) for their terrific sundaes; or to Fosselman's on Main for LA's definitive locally-made ice cream.

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        second the above poster. great recs. you can also eat at Kidspace. otherwise, PIE N BURGER

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          Buster's (which is closer to Senor Fish than the pharmacy) has Fosselman's ice cream and much better service!

          And PayOrPlay, the pharmacy is under "newish" ownership and everything has gone downhill. It actually used to be my pharmacy, but after several mistakes (wrong amount of pills in the bottle, etc.) I have switched pharmacies. They have cute gift items, but I refuse to go there anymore.

          1. I actually really like the Crocodile Cafe, and the location on Lake (maybe the last remaining one?) is very close to kidspace. It's not a kid's restaurant, but it's also not a super quiet adult place -- there's always a lot of buzz, and a lot of families, and they have an outdoor seating area as well. The menu is casual California, but they have a great hamburger, and things like quesadillas, and pasta and pizzas.

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              Also, La Fiesta Grande for Mexican is very kid friendly. On Colorado just west of El Molino. Parking in back.

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                There is also one in South Pas on it owned by the same people?