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Apr 19, 2007 10:17 AM

Shabu-Shabu that's not downtown?

Hi, I tried Mizu 212 and loved the whole concept of shabu shabu. I'd love to try some other places, but it's hard for me to get downtown to where I hear the best places are... Anyone know any shabu-shabu from hollywood through santa monica?

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  1. there's a new one called shabu-shabu ya on la brea somewhere. haven't been there yet. do report back if you happen to check it out!

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        Shabu-shabu ya is on the southwest corner of La Brea and 8th. I've had lunch there twice, and it's very good, with reasonable prices. It's relatively undiscovered at the moment--essentially empty at lunch. I recommend it without hesitation.

      2. re: rameniac

        Am not at all an afficiado of shabu and have done my share of curmudgeoning about "boil your own beef" school of dining experience, but had a lovely lunch experience at this restaurant a couple weeks back -- Shabu Shabu Ya. It's on La Brea just south of Wilshire on the West side of the street. And had a really lovely meal. I had the seafood version which was excellent -- sushi-grade fresh, melt-in-your-mouth. The veg was also excellent -- especially surprizing was how tasty the cabbage was. Service was friendly (but not super English), and the ambiance was lovely and open. Mr. Bite-Bite enjoyed his authentic beef shabu v. much as well.

      3. Koji's Shabu Shabu ( ) is a chain w/a shop in the Hollywood & Highland location. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour of their dipping sauces. One was an Aji-pon base and the other was a sesame (?) base (which made my eyes roll into the back of my head). Worth a try.

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          I second Koji's in the Hollywood and Highland center. I love that the plates come with veggies and noodles in addition to the meats. My fav is the beef and salmon combo. The salmon is sushi grade, and I go ahead and eat that raw. The dipping sauces as OCAnn mentioned are delish for the rest of the beef, noodles, and veggies. Check out their website, they often have a buy one meal, get the second at half price, which is a really nice deal. Also, they have regular grade beef as well as really high end ($$$$). I have always gone for the regular and it's been great, I don't actually know why you'd want to essentially boil a really expensive cut of meat anyway (just my 2cents). Enjoy

        2. Ebizo's Skewers is in Manhattan Beach, on Manhattan Beach Blvd.

          Ebizo's Skewers
          229 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
          Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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            Second to Ebizo. In there once a week or so getting everything from the shabu shabu, great burgers, or chicken skewers over their cesear salad.

          2. In the same neighborhood as Mizu 212, there is Shabu Hachi. It is on Olympic and Barrington.

            11680 Olympic Blvd.

            1. Shaab in Pasadena is better than any of the downtown places. Plus they take reservations and there is no parking problem.

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                Before moving to LA, I never knew I would one day come to value reservations and parking as highly as I value the food! Very good to know, thanks!

                1. re: hyacinthgirl

                  Yoshi's on Ventura Blvd near Coldwater

                  1. re: Mr.Ramen

                    Yoshi's is further west than Coldwater-- think closer to Woodman.

                    How is the place though?