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Apr 19, 2007 10:11 AM

Fugu in OC?

Is there any place that serves fugu in orange county? And is the season already over?

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  1. You're post intrigued me and from looking on the CH boards it doesn't look like you can get it anywhere in California and maybe a couple of places in NYC.

    1. I had fugu at Abe in Newport a few years ago, though I imagine that they don't have it anymore. The only place in California that I know serves it is Go's Mart in Canoga Park. Also, from what I hear, the season is over unfortunately, since fugu apparently is best during winter.

      1. You can get fugu at the Mitsuwa Marketplace, back in the seafood section of the store. As far as a place that serves it, I've not yet seen one.

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          roterror, In Japan fugu must be prepared by a licensed fugu chef. Don't know what the standards are here but I wouldn't risk it unless I reeeally trusted the source.

          1. re: GrindzHound

            From Google searches on the subject and I'm not sure of the reliability of those sources (maybe idiots like me)

            When exported from Japan it has to meet very high standards and from what I'm finding that a restaurant that serves it here in the US they must have a licensed fugu chef on the premises and there are maybe 20 of those licensed chefs in the US and maybe only a few restaurants in NYC offer it.