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Apr 19, 2007 09:46 AM

Lavender Doughnuts

I've been dreaming of the lavender glazed doughnuts I used to get in NYC at Dean and Deluca. I think they got them from Doughnut Planet. At the Georgetown Dean and Deluca, they don't have them (but they do have those black and white cookies, and a decent chocolate babka.) Anyone have any suggestions on where I can get my doughnut fix? I'll consider churros y hot chocolate and beignets too.

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  1. Do you all have Fractured Prune down there in DC? It's a chain that I first had as a kid in OC, but now there's one near-ish Baltimore by the Home Depot on Wash. Blvd. They made cake-type doughnuts that are dipped in all sorts of flavors, while they don't have lavender as I remember, they do have a delicious blueberry.

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    1. Not sure about lavender doughnuts but you can get churros with hot chocolatae (albeit a mini version) at Zengo and beignets at Acadiana or a spcied up version at Rasika.

      1. I personally don't like the Fractured Prune doughnuts, I go to Reeve's Bakery (1306 G Street NW) for my doughnuts, or order them from the brunch menu at Colorado Kitchen.

        1. The donut plant on Grand St. in NY was the source for the D&D lavender donuts, I'd bet.