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Apr 19, 2007 09:02 AM

Wine to go with Tandoori Chicken??

I am making Tandoori chicken thighs tonight, and I wasn't sure of what wine would best go good with it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Gewurztraminer or Riesling would be my first choices.

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    1. re: Chicago Mike

      Awesome, thanks!!! I have a couple bottles of Riesling in the fridge!!

      1. re: Chicago Mike

        I agree with you 100%. Riesling was all I thought of. Gewiz would be good too!

        1. re: Chicago Mike

          Yep, those are the two. They need to be off-dry though to take on the spiciness.

        2. A nice rose from the Languedoc would also be excellent, and be a nice match to the richer thigh meat. I just had the 2005 Mas Grand Plagniol ($9.99) with chicken tikka masala and it was perfect.

          1. All the food from this part of the world - East Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India . . .

            goes wonderfully with dry Pinot Gris. Alternately with about 20% of the dishes dry Gewurztraminer.

            1. This is a little late, but red wines (IMHO) go fine with Tandoori Chicken as long as it does not have a lot of chili heat - which many renditions don't. I've had success w/ Gamay and Pinot Noir (I imagine Lambrusco would work as well). Also Rhone blends from France can work too - but that's trickier. The thing to look for is high acidity wines, low in alcohol, with a bit of a peppery/spicey component and low in tannins.

              If there is a lot of chili heat (e.g. mouth tingling, sweating, nose running) you need something sweet or sparkly (or both) to counter.

              1. Looking to the sommelier of a Michelin starred Indian restaurant in Mayfair, London, UK, Tamrind, which features a lot of great Tandoori, Riesling (both from Alsace and Germany).


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                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Revising my earlier reply for this dish;

                  Pinot Blanc from Alsace. Alternately dry Gewurztraminer.