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Apr 19, 2007 08:32 AM

Toronto Honeymoon

Why hello.

I haven't been to Toronto since I was 10, we are looking to go in May; Mon-Thurs.

What are the hip/modern hotels?
Where to get our grub on? Lunch/Dinner?

A girl from Cleveland. Ohio.

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  1. Congratulations!

    The Gladstone is a funky hotel...but it's way out on Queen West. There's a good nightclub/food scene in the area though...including the Drake Hotel, Beaconsfield, Fresh (for healthy lunches), Oyster Boy, The Rosebud (nice dinner), Shanghai Cowgirl, Terroni. I'm not sure what kind of food you're looking for, but you can be sure it's there.

    If you prefer to be downtown, Hotel Le Germain is a gorgeous boutique hotel with loads of great restaurants in the vicinity. Along King Street alone there's Blowfish (sushi), Susur, Lee, Marc Thuet's bakery/restaurant...all kinds of yummy places.

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. I think if I was to come to Toronto for a honeymoon (and the weather is right!)I would have to recommend going over to the Island and having lunch on the patio at the Rectory Cafe

      Take the ferry over to Ward's Island, it is not the main line (that is the one the Centre). The ride alone is worth! Then just follow the path to the Cafe. The patio is just so lovely and the whole place just has a nice feel to it! After you can wander around the island, the view is simply amazing from there.

      Enjoy your time in the city.

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        That's interesting, Otonabee. Never knew that was there. Is the food good?

        1. re: pescatarian

          The food at the Rectory Cafe is terrific and well priced. When the weather is good, the patio is a delight. I particularly like the desserts there. Plus, it's quite romantic.

          Have fun in Toronto!

          1. re: Lotus Seedling

            I suspect Lotus knows more about it. We tripped on the place last summer while wandering around the island but since we had just eaten a picnic we didn't stay for a full lunch. Instead we just went for dessert and tea but I have to say the service was wonderful and the desserts were VERY decadent. But overall there is something to be said about sitting on a wooded patio on a hot summer day that just makes one smile.

            I really do plan to go back there this summer for actual brunch or dinner at some point.

      2. I don't know about Susur or Lee. They've been given spotty reviews of late. I prefer to find smaller less noticed gems. Try Relish on the Danforth. They serve tapas which is a great sharing experience. The chef used to be at Gio's in Leslieville and has opened up on her own now. It's not a fantastically beautiful part of the Danforth but the food is well priced and worth it.

        Starfish for Oysters, or the Distillery District for walking around, have a hot chocolate at Soma and dinner at the Boilerhouse.

        Enjoy your return!

        1. Having spent our wedding night at Hotel Le Germain a couple of years ago, we recently enjoyed a night at the hotel coupled with dinner at George. Highly recommended. The hotel is indeed modern, beautiful and luxurious and on a May evening, you can enjoy a 20 minute walk to the restaurant (or take a cab).

          The other modern/hip hotels are the Soho, around the corner from Le Germain, and The Drake over on Queen West, a cool walking neighbourhood. Both Soho and Le Germain offer more luxurious hotel rooms while The Drake is younger and hip in a more urban and minimalist (less luxurious) way.

          Near Soho and Le Germain, there are many dining options - JK Wine Bar, the new spots on Colborne Street, Trevor, etc. I also second the rec for a walk around the Distillery - grab a sandwich or meat pie from Brick Street Bakery and eat it outside, then finish with some chocolate or hot chocolate from Soma. I'd also recommend a meandering chowtour through Kensington and Chinatown.

          Congratulations and enjoy!

          1. Congrats!

            Drake Hotel is a great place to stay, to eat, have drinks and soak up some very fun vibes...with an amazing patio. Rooms are a bit smaller, but very architecturally detailed and fun.

            For brunch, do Mildred Pierce-- a great experience and one that is closing down soon.

            For late night drinks and a great view, do Canoe Bar, or the Rooftop Lounge at the Park Hyatt.

            For a great meal and a fantastic view of the city, do Scaramouche--cheaper option at the same place is the Scaramouche pasta bar and grill.

            The Cosmopolitan Hotel on Colborne is great...amazing suites with laundry and kitchen in each suite--great prices too. Closeby is Colborne Lane a new resto getting great reviews, PJ O Briens nearby is a good gastro-pub with the best guinness in the city.


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              I'd stay at the Cosmopolitan too- DH and I went down for fun on our anniversary last summer and it is pretty slick. Plus, you're right there by Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar and Colburne Lane for food- reservoir lounge for drinks...