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Apr 19, 2007 08:32 AM

Wings in Federal Hill / Locust Point

I know this isnt a typical question for this board, but, does anyone know of a decent place in Federal Hill / Locust Point for all you can eat wings?

I did some searching and could not find anything.


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  1. don't know about all you can eat but capt. larry's on fort has very respectable wings. they have daily specials.

    1. hhmmm, I'm not familiar with any place that does all-you-can-eat in Federal Hill, even as a nightly special. But since you are inquiring, I will infer that you are a big fan of wings. In which case you should definitely check out Bruce Lee's wings in Cross Street market. They are not buffalo style! They have a sweet tangy asian type of coating and are DELICIOUS.

      1. Theres a carry out place I think on Fort, can't remember the name, Nicks maybe? Anyway, they always run an ad either in the City Paper or EB Guide where they have a special of like 30 wings for $9.95.

        1. I haven't found great wings at a great price (especially not all-you-can-eat) in the neighborhod, but there are lots of good places, some with daily specials such as 25 cent wing night. It's trial and error, according to your taste. The above poster is probably referring to Bruno's, which regularly advertised 30 wings for $9.99, but they closed about a year ago. Two of my recent favorites are from Hilltop Carryont on Fort and Jackson, and Key Pit Stop on Lawrence just off Key Highway and Fort Ave. Beware of several of the bars which will charge extra for celery and bleu cheese. That's a deal-breaker for me.

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            Brunos, that was it!
            I am not sure I have ever seen an all you can eat wing situation anywhere.

          2. Mother's has 1/2 price wings on Sundays 1-5pm. Crazy Lil's is also one of my favorites for wings, but don't think they have any specials. Good luck finding all you can eat deals, if the wings are a good size even places that have 25 cent wings are losing money.