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Apr 19, 2007 08:20 AM

Pinkberry Locations

I looked on the pinkberry website and couldn't find a list of locations. Anybody know all the locations? If not, can you put down the location you know of? I know of the following locations by looking thru chowhound but not sure what the address or location is:

Rowland Heights

Any Valley locations?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I know there's one coming soon to Valencia Town Center, in Santa Clarita Valley. Also, they just opened a new Pinkberry in Rolling Hills.

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        I have never had it, but I walked past the new one in Rolling Hills on Sunday. All the outside tables in a long stretch of shops on this high 80's day were filled with Pinkberry eaters. Big looking cups with some fruit toppings (I did not want to walk up and stare). No lines. The Baskin Robbins in the same center had a few die-hards, but PB was definately the flavor of the month.

      2. from Wikipedia

        * Korea Town
        * Larchmont
        * Long Beach
        * Marina Del Rey
        * Studio City
        * Loz Feliz
        * Temecula
        * West Hollywood
        * West LA
        * Westwood
        * Rolling Hills

        1. The Pasadena one has been "opening" for months and I've yet to see any progress! It's been boarded up for a while now. The one in Brentwood, on the other hand, is making rapid progress towards being open for business.

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          1. re: ciaobella

            Where in Brentwood are they opening?

            1. re: MrShoop

              On that little side street that splits off Barrington (behind the Starbucks) near the corner of San Vicente - so kind of next to Whole Foods

              1. re: ciaobella

                Guess what - turns out they are opening TWO in Brentwood. The one you spoke of, and another one at Barrington and Sunset in the Brentwood Village. It's next to Divino's where a bagel place used to be. Two Starbucks, two Pinkberrys. What is the world coming to?

                1. re: blogger

                  It looks like the one on San Vicente is about to open - I drove past this evening and they pulled the paper covering off the door and windows. It looked like there may just be some cleanup work remaining.

                  1. re: MrShoop

                    The Brentwood/San Vicente location was open today. Unfortunately the parking lot was blocked of for construction. Still looked to be a line out the door.

            2. re: ciaobella

              the pasadena one is opening end of july

            3. There are boards up at the Farmer's Market (3rd & Fairfax) saying one is coming there to obliterate another homey, old fashioned stall in the ever continuing evolution of Farmer's Market from quirky historic site to shopping mall food court.